Sunday, March 23, 2014


Naked.  6AM.  Standing in the shower - I start thinking about work.   Whyyyy?  

Why do I start remembering all the things I need to do at work while I’m naked?  At the office that day I mentioned this to my co-worker and said, “There’s something just not right if I’m reminded of a co-worker in the shower.”  Her response, “Especially if they aren’t ‘bangable’ !”  

What I discovered was that: 
  • When I was at home, I found myself thinking about things I needed to do at work.
  •  When I was at work, I found myself thinking about things I needed to do at home.
Whether I was at home or work, I would think of things I needed to pick up at the store and by the time I got there, I couldn’t remember what I needed.  And while we can all attest to that at times, I found it to be happening far too regularly.    In knew I needed to find a way to organize things to better manage this. 

One day at my local Dollar Store, I found a nifty little journal that had multiple dividers.

When I opened it up, I discovered that the dividers were actually plastic sleeves with pockets.  Cool!  I immediately had an idea.  

I decided to label each tab:  HOME, WORK, ERRANDS.   Then I committed to keeping this journal in my purse, this way no matter where I was I would always have it.

  • If I was at work and thought of something for home, I wrote it down in the home tab
  • If I was at home and thought of something for work, I wrote it down in the work tab
  • The errands tab is self explanatory
  • The plastic sleeve with pockets came in very handy to hold any type of receipt:
  • The ERRANDS sleeve safely held gift or store receipts
  • The WORK sleeve safely held payslips or drug plan receipts
  • The HOME sleeve held gas slips to put with my income tax papers at home

Nothing got lost within my purse now.    

This practice worked well for me and I wanted to share this with others, so I decided to make some to give to Anita, Tracey and Jody at the next Cross-Stitch meeting. And now I want to share it with you too.  

Since the journal is actually protected with an additional plastic cover, this holds up well in my rough and tumble purse.  But I also had an idea to personalize the journals for Anita, Jody and Tracey.   I knew I wouldn't have time to cross stitch a little token, so I just searched for an image of a cross stitch to place on the outside cover to hide the 'Journal, 180 pages etc'.  

I came across this design and I loved it.  I had just watched "Saving Mr. Banks", the new Disney movie - the story of the making of Mary Poppins.  (One day I hope to actually stitch this project.)  When everyone received their journals, at first they thought I actually did stitch the piece that was on the front cover.

What I liked about the "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" was that it seems like a scrambled up word, but now it is made to look pretty and tidy.  

Fitting because this is my goal; to take the scrambled up mess from my head and tidy it up!  For some reason though... I'm craving a spoonful of sugar.

So - let's get - and STAY organized!!  I hope that this little tip helps you too. I'm especially happy to hear ideas from you too and any organizing tips you would like to share. 


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