Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh Canada !!

Well, jeepers!   I searched high, and I searched low,
Looking for a Canada Day background – don’t you know. 

I found lots with stars and strips and fireworks that burst,
But I could find nothing for Canada - not even July 1st.

I Googled for Canada, I Googled for Maple Leafs,
I Googled until I found nothing but grief.

Disappointed I thought, 'Man – I’ll even settle for Red'
I could only find this – you get Strawberries instead.

So celebrate Canada Day and sit by the lake,
Watch the fireworks burst and eat Strawberry Cake!

Happy Canada Day everyone! 

Sunday, June 20, 2010


 I hope all you Dads out there enjoy your special day doing something you love with someone you love! For those of us whose Dads are no longer with us, we cherish all those memories we have of you and we will be thinking of you today. (I miss you Dad ...XOXO)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Stitched Garden

Since I showed you some pics of my gardens outside, I thought I would now share with you my love of flowers through my stitching. (As I sit here typing next to the open window, I am breathing in the lovely scent from my "Hall's Honeysuckle Vine"... heavenly!!)
This pattern is by Cedar Hill called " Country Poppies". (Those red poppies are everywhere!) I tried my hand at coffee dying the fabric for this and I'm really happy how it turned out.

This next pic is one in a series of 5 that I stitched by Sisters & Best Friends called " Spring Glory". (I have also done, "Summer Joy", " Autumn Thanks", " Christmas Wish" , and " Winter Peace".) Did I happen to mention that a have a thing for seasonal patterns?? LOL

Our favourite framer Neale from the Thread & Eye made this simple rustic frame in a neutral wood tone that works with all of the stitched pieces. (I also had Neale mount and lace each piece.) It is then so easy to just take out the piece of foamcore cut to fit the back of the frame, and then insert the appropriate picture for that particular time of year. This is such an economical way to display this series and thankfully all of the pieces are the same size!

Here's one of my favourites called "Four Seasons" by Marjolein Bastin. It was so much fun to stitch! (It was also a longggg stitch though... I worked on it off and on for about 4 years!) The end result after all those hours of stitching was well worth the wait.

I have a few of MB's patterns, but this is the only one I've stitched so far. I am also a big fan (and giver) of her greeting cards. On a personal note: I had a customer come in that was buying some of her cards and this lady made the comment that she went to school in Holland with this amazing artist. Thought that was pretty cool! :^)

I can't take the credit for stitching this last pretty piece. It was stitched by my dear friend René and was given to me on my 41st birthday. Thanks 'Ne!! I just love it!!

René can't remember for sure, but she thinks this may be a Bent Creek pattern... more than likely OOP. I just love the simplicity of this pattern. I've displayed it in many different places in the house, and it looks great no matter where I put it.
So in keeping with the flower/gardening theme, I must get back to stitching on Mirabilia's "Summer in My Garden". Hope to show an update of her soon!!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One Part of the "More", In More than Just Cross Stitchin'

Right up there next to cross stitching on my "List of Loves" is gardening. What a joy it was to wander around the grounds while staying at Brentwood on the Beach and take in the beauty of all the lovely gardens; my absolute favourite being the scarlett red poppies out in the front bed!

Gardening takes you away to another place, clears the mind, and drains the stress away. (Well to me it does anyway!) A lot like stitching, I guess :^)

My hubby and I got serious about our gardens probably about 18 years ago and it has just evolved from there. We just love trees, and even though we couldn't squeeze another onto our property, we always manage to discover a new species every year while on one of the many garden tours we attend during the summer months.

I hate to admit it, but the gardens have been rather neglected so far this year, what with all the work having to be done inside the house. We did manage to get out and get some work done over the Victoria weekend in May, but we have a long way to go yet. It's funny how things keep on getting bigger and bigger though, even without any special attention. I was out walking around the yard tonight and I was just amazed at how huge everything is. I think the hot weather we've had the last little while has really helped things along.

A view of my Chocolate Vine (Akebia) on top of our pergola. Just loaded with flowers this year.
So happy... this is the first year my False Indigo (Baptisa) has bloomed :^

The gardens on the south side of our house. You can almost smell those lilacs right through the computer!

I hope you enjoyed taking a stroll through the garden.


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