Sunday, April 10, 2016

Meet Ewan McKillop (post #2)

This past year seemed to just fly right by; but isn't that what everyone says particularly when it comes to watching children grow up?   As promised, here is the remainder of Ewan's "Here I Grow" photo shoots. 

Feeling a little under the weather today, but still managed a smile!

11 months old already!  He's been walking for over a month now. 
It's almost like he KNOWS it's his birthday! 
Ewan's reaction when he arrived at his dad's curling bonspiel. He is one of the happiest babies ever, and it appears he's going to be quite sociable as well.   This was taken just before St. Patrick's day
and he just reminded me of a little Leprechaun! 
This picture is one of my all-time faves!
Ewan was almost 7 months old and he went with
mom and dad and Aunt Holly to P.E.I.
Shawn had to go to a convention so they all decided to make a trip of it.
This photo was taken just before they went to a 'meet & greet' cocktail hour.  It's almost like he knew he was going to be a chick-magnet! 

I saved the best for last.  Without a doubt, this was the best purchase of my life.  I found a perfect outfit and gave it to Niki and Shawn for Ewan to be baptised in. 

Now... how perfect is this? 
I got a few shots of the top picture with the kilt positioned just so you could see what Scotsmen really DO wear under their kilts, but I'm afraid I would be put in jail if I had published it. :-) 

As promised in my last post, I mentioned that Shawn was working on a special photo shoot surprise.  He compiled over 80 photos of 'blooper' shots from Ewan's "Here I Grow" Facebook post.  Here are just a few pics of what it's like to try and capture those special moments.   Enjoy! 

Thanks for letting me brag share these precious moments. 
'Til we meet again, 

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Robin in Virginia said...

What super pictures of Ewan! He is so cute. Thanks for sharing the year with us.

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