Monday, October 20, 2014

Jane - one of our dear 'Stitching Sisters' friends loves to collect snowmen.  And as Jane would put it she has “Well over 500 dear little frosty friends in our Henley Landing.”

So when her grandchild was on the way, she of course decided a snowman blanket would be necessary for the many winter cuddles they would enjoy together.  To make the blanket even more special, Jane decided to have the 'Stitching Sisters' and the 'Four from Forest' each stitch a square.  We all had a time frame in which to complete our square and pass the blanket on to the next person.  Nothing like a good timeline to force you to sit down and stitch !!

Jane had no idea what pattern anyone chose to stitch, so when the blanket finally made it's way back to her - she would be completely surprised.  Any empty squares were completed by Jane herself.  When she told us of her plan to include everyone in the making of this blanket, we were thrilled and honoured that we would be part of such a special keepsake.  Let's take a look.... 

Jane - showing off the blanket at Brentwood.
Wow !
Jane surprised us with the names of all the
people who stitched a square.
In memory of our dear Stitching Sister
Patti who loved to knit!
A is for Alexis
(it's also for Angel)
Unto us a child is born, and that definitely means
There's Snow Place Like Home
As much as we love you Jane - I really hope
there isn't as much snow as last year !!!
Hey wait a minute... 
this blanket was done for LAST WINTER.  
So all that snow was your fault !!!

Awwww... that's OK  "Jayne with a Y" - we love you anyway, but don't let that happen again! 

Many many many  precious hours of blanket cuddling. 

And to end things off, how appropriate to have a picture of Alexis on her first birthday with one of her frosty friends. 

Happy Birthday Alexis !!!

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