Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's Time For A Give-Away!

We hope you'll all join in the fun, because our give-away is open to everyone!!
Our 1st Bloggiversary is January 31st, 2011, and we'd love to share some treats (stitching and otherwise... maybe even some chocolate thrown in!).

There are a few simple rules to follow, and you may get up to 7 separate chances to win! Here's the scoop:

1. Comment on this post only, telling us why you'd like to win. (1 entry)
2. Comment on this post only, telling us that you are currently a follower. (1 entry)
3. Comment on this post only, telling us that you are a new follower. (1 entry)

Answer as many of the following questions that you'd like (all the answers are somewhere in our blog.) Receive 1 extra entry for each correct answer. Your answers can be grouped together in one comment if you'd like, but it has to be on this post only :

#1. This month is our cross-stitch group anniversary. How many years will it be?
#2. What did Anita design without a pattern?
#3. What costume did Bonnie sew?
#4. How many boys does Jody have?
#5. Why did Tracey bend her knife?

The deadline to enter is midnight, Sunday January 30, 2011, with the draw being made on Monday the 31st. Don't forget to leave an email addy, or some way for us to get in contact with you if you happen to be the lucky winner! Feel free to pass on the word :^)

Good Luck!!


Renee G said...

I would love to win because the Sister 4 Seasons pieces are lovely.

Renee G said...

I'm a new follower as Renee G on GFC.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Mrs Beasley would be chicken if she remember the twins because she didn't want to get chocolate or caramel on her hands when you celebrate the 18 years of the Monthly Cult. Gee I have to stop, it's making my d*nk tickle and after all it IS only a dishcloth.
yes I am a follower and would love to win because I am always in stitches, but now you have to guess who I am

Bonnie said...

I've guessed who Anonymous is, and I'm sure Tracey has too. Couple of entries there for sure Jane!! We've got some counting to do....

Pumpkin said...

I would LOVE to win because I LOVE Sisters & Best Friends patterns, especially those ones! Chocolate is always good too ;o)

I'm not sure if I have to do separate comments so I'll lump it all into one. I'm now a new Follower :o)

To answer your questions...1) one year 2) a chicken 3) Mrs. Beasley

That's all I can do! LOL!

Martha said...

Congratulations on your First Anniversary!

Ziggyeor said...

Loved reading your blog and good start on the TUSAL. Happy blogvesary.

Anonymous said...

I would love to be included. Have not seen those patterns before and they are gorgeous.

Peggy H.

Anonymous said...

I am a new follower.

Peggy H.

Kerry said...

Hi there ladies, I have been following your blog since we were at The Brentwood. I love your blog and I love staying in touch, seeing what you ladies are up to. I know you have had more snow than we have. I would love to be entered in you give away.

Anonymous said...

Hi and happy bloggiversary! I would like to win because getting something in the mail that isn't a bill is a wonderful thing. For the package to be anything stitchy warms my heart.

Marexstitch at

Anonymous said...

It is your first anniversary, happy number one!

Anonymous said...

I've been a follower for a while, found you linked to someone I'm linked with and the rest is blurry.

Anonymous said...

Loved all the pretty Christmas cookies and the flip to do the deer. And I was very amused by the pet monkey stories & the photos of the snow. Got plenty here too.

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