Saturday, July 31, 2010

Crazy Cat

Sushi, my cat, is one crazy cat.
Aside from my pet monkey,
she is the most entertaining pet
I've ever been in contact with.
As you can see from the pictures below,
she likes to help me with the grocery bags....

They just don't make the straps big enough to fit over my head.

Maybe I'll try slipping the strap over my arms first.

she likes to help me sew,

Why does she keep sticking these picky things in that tiny cupcake?

Ok - now she's just plain ignoring me...

she's helpful when it comes to cleaning out the fridge,

Hmmm ... seems like the perfect spot to VEG for awhile.
she likes to clean out the cupboard,

Bubble, Bubble, boil and trouble... let's see what kind of trouble I can get in.
sometimes she likes to help me file,

Paperwork! Who needs it? I'm outta here.
her favourite place to hang out is on the staircase where she can keep an eye on everything and everybody,

They have no idea how cool it is to be in the nosebleed section.
when she's done hanging there...she heads on up to the bathroom cupboard to her next favourite spot,

sometimes she likes to think we can't see her behind the garbage can,

If I sit really still with my toes together, they'll never see me.
sometimes, she likes to read when she thinks no one is watching,

If I hide behind the page, they'll never suspect I can read.
sometimes, she's just plain cool.

Sometimes, I'm just plain cool.

Oh ya... I'm cool.
Problem is... I just can't seem to get her to push the vacuum around instead of hiding from it. Hopefully... someday.
If they think I'm vacuuming again... they can forget it.


Tina said...

Love it....we have one very helpful cat too.....nosey is an understatement.

Jules said...

Laughter is the best medicine and cats know how to dish it out for sure!

Although, I think the one pic where you state she's ignoring you should read something more like she's being indifferent.

You did give me an idea to do a picture collage of my kitty one day. Soon...

Vonna said...

You're Sushi looks just like my Chatty, except he's a boy ;)

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