Friday, April 26, 2013

Ooo-Ooo-OP-rah !!

My awesome kids gave me the surprise of a lifetime for my birthday this month.  Tickets to see Oprah LIVE in Hamilton Ontario.  It has always been a dream of mine to go to one of Oprah’s shows, but this one … well it just was takes the cake!   She did NOT disappoint.

When I opened my gift it was a very large coffee table book called ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show – Reflections on an American Legacy’. The book commemorates the shows most memorable episodes and life changing lessons and yes… it sits on my coffee table.  Attached to the front of the book was a little black envelope and I wasn’t sure what it was and when I opened it  - it was 3 tickets to the show. I was speechless, and trust me – THAT doesn’t happen often.

So my daughter Niki and her husband Shawn took me to the show and as we were approaching, I was getting really excited and I said, “I don’t think there are any more surprises you guys could get me for my birthday – this is the best!”

We arrive, walk through the lobby and immediately notice a large crowd of people and we wondered what was going on.  Could it be Oprah!??  No.  But....there was a life size cut-out of Oprah and people were standing beside it getting their picture with her.  The lineup was so big so we decided to come back, but when we did the cut out was gone and I was so disappointed because I really wanted to get a picture and frame it on the wall.  Strategically place on the wall at the perfect distance – I hoped I could fool people that I really met Oprah and had my picture taken with her.  (I guess I’ll save that and add it as another item to my bucket-list)

My camera works best for outdoor shots, but I was able to get a couple of video clips to share. 

Before we left for the show that evening my daughter Holly said, “Are you going to take notes mom!”  and of course I replied, “Well …I just might”.  And I tossed a small notebook in my purse just in case. Well to be honest, I really did want to take notes; however, I was too caught up in the moment. And if Oprah taught me anything it was to "BE IN The Moment."  I just didn’t want to take my eyes off the stage.   

Oprah looked gorgeous.  She was wearing a flowing pale yellow gown and I was just beautiful.  (It’s true… the camera really does add pounds because Oprah looks much thinner in real life…which... has confirmed to me that I no longer want to pursue a career on screen.  I guess I’ll take that one off my bucket list.) 

The pictures below are a tad blurry, but given the distance we were from the stage, they didn't turn out too bad. 

One of the messages Oprah spoke to was this: 

There is a thread that runs and connects all of our life experiences. Whatever it is, you are not born with this purpose to keep it to yourself. Regardless of what you are doing, you need to be doing it in service to others.

"Not everyone can be famous, but every can have the opportunity to be great as everybody has the opportunity to serve others." Dr. King

If it doesn't feel like you are where you need to be, change it. Look to your thread. There is always a thread. Look to your thread.

Then she shared her story of when she was a little girl and how she felt when she was in front of the class or in front of the other people in her church reading aloud, or sharing a story and how great she felt doing this.  This was her thread. Look to your thread.

Her hair stylist Andre told her he remembers being 5 years old and styling the hair on his sisters Barbie dolls.  Look to your thread.  She told other hilarious stories of people and the connection to their thread.  Look to your thread.

Oprah spoke for over 2 hours and when she was finished she was interviewed by Canada’s own George Stroumboulopoulos.  He immediately presented her with a pair of memory foam slippers, not only because she LOVES slippers, but also because she was standing in her high heels all night. 

The entire show was entertaining, comical, uplifting, inspirational, educational, spiritual, motivational, and thought provoking.

While we were driving home Niki,  Shawn and I were discussing our favourite parts of the show and I said, “I wonder what my thread has to do with Mrs. Beasley?”  It was the most vivid memory I had at an early age and because it has always been so special to me, I assumed that it has something to do with my thread. (Those of you who are followers have read about my fascination with my Mrs. Beasley doll when I was little.   You can read about her here.)

A few days later it dawned on me that perhaps that wasn’t supposed to be my thread. There was another moment in my child hood that connects to where I am today.  I wrote about it last year in an article that was published in an Office Administration text book that is being used in colleges throughout Canada today. (I am unable to upload the PDF of the article, but if you are interested in reading it in full, just comment and I’ll reply to your email with a copy of the PDF – if someone knows how to upload a PDF on a account – please share).

The article was entitled “I went from computer illiterate to Executive Assistant for a CEO in only 8 years – This is my journey…”

Excerpt from the beginning of the article: As a young girl I remember admiring the secretary at my public school and thinking “I want to do what she does when I grow up.”  She was efficient, knowledgeable and professional and she left an impression just walking down the hall.  But then again, it might have had something to do with her red shiny shoes!

The article went on to share my journey.

Excerpt from the ending of the article: Hard work and perseverance got me where I am today; recognizing good and bad stress is essential to success. Sometimes, sitting at my desk feeling overwhelmed, I look down at my feet and visualize my own “red shiny shoes”.  I am reminded how far I have come and affirm to myself that I am efficient, knowledgeable and professional.

So Oprah has really got me thinking and “Looking to my thread”...
  • Is this my thread? 
  • Is this where I am supposed to be? 
  • Is there something more to my story?
  • Is Mrs. Beasley behind an upcoming change in my life?
All I know right now is that not only am I "Looking to my Thread" – I’m looking FOR my thread because I am about to sit down and start stitching for the rest of the evening. In fact, I think I’ll use my pretty hand dyed thread that Miss Jayne with a Y gave to me last year and I’ve been saving it for something special.  But what will I stitch? 

Wait a minute.

I I’ve got it! 

I’ll use my thread to read “Look to your thread!”

Now I know this year's Brentwood project. 


p.s. I apologize for the annoying spacing issues in this post.  After fighting with it for a ridiculous amount of time I decided to cut that thread and just go to bed.  Tomorrow - out the door bright and early with Tracey for our 'twice delayed' and much awaited annual Birthday(s) outing.  Stay tuned for that adventure.  Tracey, I hope you don't forget your camera or we could have a really boring post about this year's adventure.


Tracey said...

So glad to read that seeing Oprah was all that you hoped it would be! Very thought provoking, indeed.

I've got a feeling that our post about our shopping day yesterday IS going to be a boring one(or even non-existent), since the only picture we got was that of our breakfast at Cracker Barrel!

Bonnie said...

Well Tracey ... maybe we can find a way to entertain everyone with the story of the toothbrush cover...

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