Monday, August 3, 2015

Long Time No See !!

Dear Followers, 
There are many reasons why we have not been able to post to our blog this past year and for that, we apologize.  We hope we have not lost you .... 
A lot of things have happened since we last met; the loss of dear pets, the loss of dear loved ones in both family and dear friends, the birth of new life, and of course many new projects.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  
Bonnie and Tracey 

For those of you faithful followers who remember dear Sushi and the growth chart of her and my grand daughter, it makes me sad to say that Sushi is no longer with us.  Stricken with illness and suffering greatly, it was necessary to put her to rest. 

Sushi was a most unique cat!  Extremely comical and very entertaining.  Each time my daughter would call home she would ask what I was doing and I would always reply 'Watching the cat' - finally she said, "Why don't you just cancel your cable and save some money then?" 

Sushi loved to help in the kitchen.  Anytime I opened the cupboards she was there to inspect that everything was in its rightful place.  Whenever I cleaned the fridge and took out the vegetable drawers to clean them and turned around to put them back, she was there to make sure the inside of the fridge was cleaned first.

She loved to play Hide & Seek!

She loved to help me sew. 

She loved to relax and chill.  Sometimes we would catch her in our bed and she would greet you with a smarty pants look.  She loved to read and she particularly loved the sunshine.

A few of her favourite spots ...  she liked to sit by the 'faux fire', and I often wondered if she sat there wondering why there was no added warmth to the room.  When I remodeled my bathroom and set it up for particular baskets for everyone's needs, Sushi was sure to claim hers immediately.  She loved to sit on the staircase - always on watch to see who would come to the door; if she was in the other room, she came running - just like a dog to see who it was. As long as she sat high on the staircase, she felt safe to run quickly if a visitor stopped by with their dog. 

At Christmas she took it upon herself to claim her gifts.  If there was a bag lying around, she was sure to find herself tangled up in it. 

These next few pictures are the last ones I took of Sushi.  During my kitchen remodeling (another blog post to follow ...) Sushi lost her favourite place of all to hang out.  She loved lying on the table every day and looking out the window and scratching her face on the blinds.  She loved to lay on towels for some reason so I always kept one on the table for her at all times.  The remodeling took 6 months and she was somewhat lost.  When we were near to finishing the room, I walked in one day and noticed her sitting pissed off patiently on a step stool that was near the window and it tugged at my heart how much she had missed the window.  It was only 3 days later she left us, but I was so glad she got to spend them in her favourite spot.

Sushi touched all our hearts and I swear sometimes she makes me think she was my pet monkey reincarnated.  When she would look up at me, I swear it was the monkey looking back at me and communicating to me.  As you all have experienced the loss of a dear pet, you understand how much they touch your very heart and sole and how dearly they are missed. 

But alas .... life goes on and as I mentioned earlier, new life was born this past year and I will be posting new growth charts for your amusement.  

stay tuned....


Cath said...

Sorry for the loss of sweet Sushi . I loved to see the growth chart pics with her in . Sending hugs xxx

Robin said...

I am truly saddened to hear of Sushi's passing. Thank you for sharing pictures of your beloved Sushi. Thinking of you!

Robin in Virginia

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