Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our Team Blog

Welcome to Team Blog!
Not only are we 'Virgin Bloggers', but 3 members of this team of 4 don't even know yet that I've set up this blog for our Cross Stitch group. Surprise Anita, Jody and Tracey.

For the past 17 years we have been getting together on a monthly basis to Cross Stitch.... and more. Each one of us takes turns hosting for the evening and we all tend to watch what we eat that day because we know there will be a feast of new recipes and snacks to try out. Like I said, 'MORE'!

Our group consists of Anita, Bonnie, Jody and Tracey. Cross Stitching is the reason we started the group, but we don't stop there. Our talents and interests include knitting, laughing, quilting, eating, sewing, laughing, gardening, eating, beading, laughing, cooking, eating, scrapbooking and interior decorating. Did I mention laughing and eating?

We rarely miss a meeting and we're well prepared to reschedule when necessary.
Over the years our families have come to understand how important it is to us to get together on 'Cross Stitch Night'. One husband refers to it as our 'monthly cult', one workplace is careful not to let appointments run over on 'Cross Stitch Night' and our children have learned to ASK before eating ANYTHING from the fridge in case it is for Cross Stitch.

We usually end our evening long after midnight and we've gone away on weekend retreats and stitched for 3 days straight. (True cross stitchers understand that, others just don't get it) We have another retreat booked for this May and we are so excited!

Since we have 17 years (x4) worth of projects we won't attempt to post our photos/projects in chronological order. We're crazy, but not that crazy!



staci said...

Welcome to the blogosphere girls!!! I am sooo excited that I will be able to see what all of you are up to :) Just got back from knit-nite, and it was a nice surprise to have Bonnie's email. Happy Stitching (and blogging!)

Denise said...

I just found your blog and it looks like a winner! I have saved it in my bookmarks along with many others that I read. I do not have a blog myself but I love to see all the lovely stitching of others and get super ideas.
Keep up the good work!

Tammy said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! If you need any help let me know k


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