Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our First Follower!

Welcome to our crazy blog Staci. 

Staci was my inspiration to begin blogging. Our group loves Staci's site; check it out. Snippets and Stash.

Thanks to Staci, she is walking me through some of the technicalities of starting up a blog site. Next week our group meets for Cross Stitch and it appears it will be 'lesson nite'. Can't wait.

I swore I wasn't going to be a 'Blogger' or a 'FaceBooker', but ... this past week - I signed up to both. I will guarantee you though, that I will not be joining Farmville. I refuse to rush home after work in time to feed my livestock for fear of loosing my farm. I much prefer the thought of feeding myself instead.


1 comment:

staci said...

Best of luck resisting Farmville. I've heard it's very addictive...I don't have any idea because I'm not on facebook, nor myspace or twitter, lol ;)

Have fun with the lessons. Maybe you can give me some too!