Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One Part of the "More", In More than Just Cross Stitchin'

Right up there next to cross stitching on my "List of Loves" is gardening. What a joy it was to wander around the grounds while staying at Brentwood on the Beach and take in the beauty of all the lovely gardens; my absolute favourite being the scarlett red poppies out in the front bed!

Gardening takes you away to another place, clears the mind, and drains the stress away. (Well to me it does anyway!) A lot like stitching, I guess :^)

My hubby and I got serious about our gardens probably about 18 years ago and it has just evolved from there. We just love trees, and even though we couldn't squeeze another onto our property, we always manage to discover a new species every year while on one of the many garden tours we attend during the summer months.

I hate to admit it, but the gardens have been rather neglected so far this year, what with all the work having to be done inside the house. We did manage to get out and get some work done over the Victoria weekend in May, but we have a long way to go yet. It's funny how things keep on getting bigger and bigger though, even without any special attention. I was out walking around the yard tonight and I was just amazed at how huge everything is. I think the hot weather we've had the last little while has really helped things along.

A view of my Chocolate Vine (Akebia) on top of our pergola. Just loaded with flowers this year.
So happy... this is the first year my False Indigo (Baptisa) has bloomed :^

The gardens on the south side of our house. You can almost smell those lilacs right through the computer!

I hope you enjoyed taking a stroll through the garden.



Tina said...

Wow Tracey, your garden is absolutely stunning. Great job! WOW! I must admit I am not a green thumb at all, but I love looking at beautiful gardens. Yours is really beautiful, thanks for sharing.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

My gardening fingers are green with envy. Beautiful pictures of your hard work. Thank's for sharing them.
Be always in stitches

Catherine said...

Beautiful gardens!! Do the flowers on the chocolate vine smell like chocolate? That would be heavenly!

Trina@Stitching Oz said...

Love the garden pics! I really love the chocolate vines too! Glad you enjoyed the retreat and maybe I will see you on my blog - Stitching Oz - one day!

Tammy said...

wow now I see what you girls were all referring too when you were talking about the flowers!

Tracey said...

Thanks for all the nice comments ladies!
And yes Catherine, they (whoever they are!)say that the chocolate vine is supposed to smell like chocolate... personally I don't think it does. Can't really describe what other type of flower it smells similar to. It is a very vigorous grower though!!

PegC said...

What a great idea for the pergola. I have a large one that had a glorious Wisteria which I pulled down last year...climbing on top of it via a 12 ft ladder was at an end for me. But I have a chocolate vine in another area and will now transplant it to the pergola..thanks so much for the pic and the inspiration...lovely, lovely garden.

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