Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2010 Storm December 13 & 14

Well, Sarnia Ontario (30 minutes from where I live)  made it on CNN today.  Lambton County was declared a state of emergency and the military was called in to rescue stranded motorists that have had to spend the last 24 hours in their cars.  Some people may not be picked up for several more hours.  Let's hope and pray that all this snow is the last we will see for quite sometime; we do not need weather like this for holiday traveling. 

It was quite comical to hear reports that the the military was trying to rescue 300 people from 360 stranded cars.  I guess 'Casper,'  'The Invisible Man' and perhaps 'The Shadow' are all doing fine....?

The following photos were taken December 14th.  
The view looking out my window for the past 3 days. 
Driving Miss Paigie to work.
Stranded truckers on one half of the parking lot at the IGA.
The other side of the parking lot and the back of the store are all full of stranded truckers.
Now THIS is pretty!
The weight of the storm.
This wedding arbour looks slightly different than it did at my daughters wedding: but still beautiful.
This was taken looking out my front door off the two step porch.
You can barely see where the lawn ends and the road begins.
Yes, the pumpkins are still in the urn.  I left them there because I knew we were getting a storm big enough to decorate them as snowmen.  Now I have to search for a hat and scarf and the decorations will be complete! 

A few hours later... the sun desperately trying to break through. 

These photos were taken on December 14th, 2010 at noon. Stay safe and warm everyone. 


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Now that there is mighty fine stitching weather I'd say...somewhat like a nice sunny day on the deck but whiter, windier, and a damn bit colder.
Thanks for sharing your west end of the province. Oh, I feel sooooooo bad...we have hardly had any YET...
Be always in stitches.

Meadows08 said...

I sure you don't have to go out in that weather!

Kerry said...

As Jayne said, we have just a dusting, some patches of green grass, sorry! My Mom lives in Sarnia, I phone every night to make sure she is ok. She told me about the stranded people on the 402. Wow, scary stuff. I wonder how long before they get the road opened. My daughter wanted to go up on Monday and get my Mom for Christmas. I guess we will wait and see. Great photos!

Catherine said...

What a storm this has been for so many!! We didn't get any real snow here - just snow squalls - but it sure is frigid!!

Stay warm, safe and hopefully you will get lots of stitchy time!

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