Saturday, September 10, 2011

9.10.11 - Unique Wedding

I just got home from my friends very unique wedding and I couldn't wait to download the pictures.  Brook wanted to be married on this day so she could say she was married on 9.10.11.  When she told me, I said "Why stop there... why not get married at 12:13."  We got a little chuckle over that. 

The wedding was held at the Warwick Conservation Area.   It was a beautiful setting and the weather was picture perfect.  Canada geese covered the lake in the background and the trees made a beautiful canopy.  The sun peaked through the tree tops and it glistened off the lake in the background.  After the ceremony, guests were entertained by a wagon ride throughout the conservation area while the wedding party had their photos taken.

Ok... let's get on the with picture show.   Let's start with the Wedding Itinerary that doubles as a fan to cool yourself while watching the ceremony.  Fantastic idea !!

While waiting for the ceremony to begin... there was so much to look at, you almost didn't know where to begin.  This unique display shows you how to find your table seating.  You may have to click on the picture to read the instructions.

Inside the tent every single table was set differently.  Each plate was different at every setting.  All the linens were unique to each table, the water jugs, silverware - everything.  And the teapots and pails served as the centerpieces for the flower arrangements.

 Now onto the Registry Table.  I Love this look.... you know me and the Victorian style.... 

 My Table Marker and Napkin - so pretty.


Now here's the part I really LOVE.  The bride made all the bouquets herself.  She made them out of brooches.  Some of the brooches in her bouquet had belonged to her grandmother.  I picked up the bouquet to take a picture of it and man... was it Heavy! 
 Let's top off that bling bouquet with a little bling footware. 

Her daughter, the Jr. Maid of Honour carried a  slightly different version to suit her style. Doesn't she look just like her mother?  Very pretty Brennah!

This is the Maid of Honour's bouquet.  I love how unique this is. Amanda looks so happy in the picture below.  Brook knew right away this is what she wanted for the bouquets for her wedding.  She should be a wedding planner, she has some very unique ideas.

The Dinner Menu was propped up against a tree and written on a chalk board and sitting on a wash tub.  Oh my goodness, the meal was fantastic!   
The meal was topped off with a cake made by the bride's mother and her daughter, and several varieties of homemade pies made by the grooms mom.  It was really hard to decide just what to have for dessert.
Wait a second... is that what I think it is.... ?  Oh my goodness, look at the table favours.
 Chocolate / Caramel covered candy apples.  Yum!!   All of the invitations, thank you cards, table markers etc were made by the bride. 

 Best Wishes to the Happy Couple.  Brook and Tim Wiles. 



Tracey said...

WOW... that was incredible!! I have never seen anything like it before!! Brooke really should be a wedding planner :^)

Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

gorgeous, gorgeous,gorgeous :) and what a memorable day and date.

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