Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fiesta without the Siesta !

This past Sunday our entire company had to work while the office was closed to the public in order to test our new system.  The CEO said, "It's a lot to ask of our employees, we need to make the day fun.  If anyone has any ideas come and see me so we can discuss them". 

Now... anyone who knows me well, will know that I followed him to his office immediately after the meeting.  Because it is Christmas time, I didn't want to do anything related to Christmas at all. I wanted something totally unexpected for this time of year so I suggested a Fiesta without the Siesta.   I bought colourful tablecloths and napkins and I filled Margarita glasses with green mints and set them around the office.  I wanted to bring in blenders and make mock Margarita's (say that three times fast),  but there were so many people involved the blender would have wore out by the time we got every one served; so that one was a bust. 

I decided to go to the bulk food store and get some jelly beans and the plan was to put them in a container and people had to guess how many "Mexican Jumping Beans" there were.  While at the bulk food, I discovered 12" long gummy rattlesnakes.  Perfect - another item for the guessing games.  Then I saw the sour gummy worms and concluded, they MUST be our tequila worms.  Everyone had a blast going through the office finding the many 'games' I had hidden throughout.

The Mexican food was a hit and was accompanied with Mexican music, maraca's, sombreros  - and of course a Piñata.  Whenever there is an all day workshop or training session at work, we always ensure there is sugar in the afternoon to help keep everyone awake after lunch.   So of course, the Piñata was the best part of the day!   

I don't know what made me think of this idea, but it just suddenly came to me and I couldn't stop laughing about it.  I fashioned some pantyhose into feet by stuffing them with quilt batting and then I took a needle and thread and I stitched lines in them to make toes.  I then fastened them to knee pads that I picked up at the dollar store. (Ya gotta love that dollar store!)  Next I covered an eye mask with some beige felt and added eyes, eyebrows and a moustache.  Add a sombrero and  a blanket and there you have it -  Mexican Midget Piñata(Of course, I couldn't call it that at work, but I can on my blog.)

We topped the day off with a Jalapeño pepper eating contest.   Good thing we had Kleenex close by because there were a lot of watering eyes.  The jug of milk was readily available, and gone in no time!  Sorry...  no pictures for that one.  Richard was happy to win  because the prize was a mug full of some of his favourite chocolates  from Sugar and  Spice; the best chocolate store ever!

Driving home today, I was still laughing about how funny it was watching these two little Mexican midgets hobbling on their knees and blindly clinging to each other as they made their way out of the dressing room....  and I it suddenly dawned on me who they reminded me of. 

Who remembers Cling and Clang who worked for HR Puff 'n Stuff as the Rescue Racer Crew, always clinging to each other and hobbling out to save the day ??

HR Puff n' Stuff, who's your friend when things get rough?  

Try and get through the rest of the day without singing that.  Have fun!


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

bah yut yan cou bay it sackwards?
You never cease to amaze me with your shenanigans girl... Glad everyone had a good time and those little Mexican Midget Pinata are way to funny and the feet,,,lmao.
Be always in shenanigans woooops stitches

Catherine said...

What great fun!

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