Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Printers Tray Takes On a New Life

A while back, my daughter "pinned" an image on Pinterest where someone had taken a old printers tray and transformed it into something to hold all of their jewelry.  I saved that picture and thought, if I ever come across one of these trays I know exactly what I'll do with it.

Jody has a friend who scours flea markets and secondhand shops for all kinds of treasures that she can get for a song, and then turns around and sells them for very reasonable prices to other people.  So I contacted Meg, and asked her to keep an eye out for one of these drawers while in her travels.  Well, lo and behold, didn't she already have one in her "stash"!

Now for me, I probably would have just left it "as is", but with Chantelle being young and hip, I figured she would prefer something a bit more modern.  I chose the colour Mediterranean in a gloss finish.

Since this was a piece that wouldn't be getting a lot of wear and tear, I skipped the primer stage and just sprayed on 2 coats.

Now all you purists out there... close your eyes while I cover over the letters that were penciled on the tray...

Next, it was time to add the eye screws so the earrings would have something to hang on.  Only for his little girl would my dear hubby sit and drill 89 holes to accommodate all those little eye hooks!

It took a while to get the knack using the drill in such tight sections, so there were a few spots on the drawer where it looked distressed.  Instead of touching it up with the paint, we just decided to go with that look and got the drill back out!

While cleaning the handle, I noticed that the thin piece of plastic and the paper underneath slid out, so I thought a little personalization was in order...

We also added a little piece of doweling to the bottom for some of those extras that wouldn't fit in the top...

Needless to say, Chantelle just loved her birthday gift, and couldn't wait to start getting organized!



CalamityJr said...

I've seen stitchers use these to showcase small finishes, but this idea is something I'd enjoy! I'm sure your daughter is thrilled.

Erica said...

Brilliant use of the printers box!
I have come across these, and always thought they would be good for something, but I was never sure juust what!

Chantelle said...

I sure am thrilled! :) This is so much better than anything I could have purchased online or in a store. The fact that it was made from an antique, by my parents, and allows me to see all of my earrings at once...yeah, it's the best! :)

Kerry said...

WOW! That is the coolest thing, no more digging for stuff in the jewelley box. Good idea Tracey.