Monday, July 2, 2012

Brentwood 2012 Part 3, Fiesta Fun

Timely destination arrival: Check
Group effort to disassemble car Tetris:  Check 
Room assignments: Check 
Suitcase of makeup strategically placed on vanity: Check 
Handbag with nightgown unpacked: Check
Claim laid to cross stitch chairs: Check
Groceries unloaded:  Check  
Lunch devoured: Check
Garden tour: Check
Scenic tour: Check 

Entertainment:  About to be checked.Let the FUN begin !!! 

Did someone say Margarita ?? 
Imagine my surprise (and excitement) when I heard someone mention the word Margarita because it just so happened that I had planned a "little Mexican" fun of my own.   And by little...I mean my little Mexican friend  José followed by Jos’b’ who arrived for our enjoyment Piñata style. 

After the fish beating, we gathered for our group photo, but I have to say it was a little scarey at times because we were carefully placing our feet around the rocks and flowers and I was almost certain someone was going to take a tumble. 

Stitching Sisters and the Four from Forest.
Jayne... what's so funny??

Four from Forest.

After all the day's antics we enjoyed a lovely dinner and once finished everyone participated in a very enjoyable photo game. Prior to attending retreat,  I had asked the Stitching Sisters and the Four from Forest to provide me with photos of themselves when they were young.   I had made a collage of all the pictures, divided everyone up into teams and they had to guess who each person was in the photos.  This is a very popular and successful ice-breaking game that I introduced at work at our annual staff dinner and I thought it would be fun to introduce it to everyone here at Brentwood too.  

Stay tuned for more.....


Tracey said...

Looks like somebody has some fun with Picmonkey! Awesome!!...

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

funny? what? life is funny when you get this group together. Thanks for sharing.
As always

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