Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This summer, my good friend Kathy and her husband purchased kayaks.  She emailed me one day with a picture of her in her kayak and said, "We'll have to go out sometime".  I was so excited and I replied back and said,  I would LOVE to go out!  I have always wanted to go kayaking.  She had no idea that that was on my bucket list so to speak. 

So in early August, my daughter and her husband rented a cottage and I invited Kathy to come out and join us one evening and everyone was so excited to try out the kayaks.  Even Libby.  

We had a blast and Kathy mentioned 'before we know it... summer will be gone and we'll have to get back out here as many times as we can'.  I only live 10 minutes from the lake and Kathy lives 20 minutes in the opposite direction. So we devised a plan so that on the nights that we decide we are going to go kayaking, I would drive home from work via the lake shore to ensure the water was calm enough to go out, then I would call her and she would know whether or not to load up the truck and head on into my place.  Otherwise, why waste the time & gas - only to be disappointed once we got out a rough lake.  (Sometimes, I"m SMRT - Smart) 

We have a great time.  It's so relaxing..., fresh air..., great company..., great scenery... so peaceful..., chatting know... we pretty much solve the problems of the world while we are out there scanning the shoreline.  We enjoy our time Kay-Yak-Yak-Yaking.

Because we have limited daylight now, I like to get out of work ASAP on the nights we are going to go out on the lake. My friend Celia drove us in to work today, and before leaving I asked her if she would mind popping through Burger King so I could grab a quick bite around by the lake so I could check the water.  She was most obliging and said Kay-Yak-Yak-Yaking sounds like it would be a lot of fun! 

I arrived home about 10 minutes before Kathy would get to my place so I thought I could take a quick minute and check email.  And low and behold - I see Tracey's post that she uploaded today about the Kite-Surfing and I thought 'yep... enjoy the last of these days while we can !!'   It was most ironic to be reading about going to the beach and still being able to enjoy it in mid September just as much as we did mid summer - and I was heading in that exact same location in less than  10 minutes.

So Kathy and I get out onto the lake and every once in awhile we slip the oars into the water to see how deep it is.  (The nice thing about Ipperwash beach is that you can go out so far before it is even up to your neck.)  Tonight... we are Kay-Yak-Yak-Yaking away and I said, "ummm Kathy... how deep do you think it is here?".  She tested it and said,....."ya... we are out a bit too far - let's go in".

So we headed in. After being on the lake for a couple of hours, the sun was setting beautifully and I said 'damn, I wish I brought my camera - LOOK at the sky!"  Luckily, Kathy had hers, so we took some shots and I said, "please send those to me as soon as you can, I want to get them on the blog". 

I arrive home, and a short while later I send Kathy a thank you email for taking me out this evening and just as I hit send - her email arrives with the pictures she took this evening.  I opened them up and I was so excited to go through them and pick which ones I wanted on the blog posting.   Just as I'm up loading Kathy's pictures to the blog - I then receive THIS next picture from Celia in an email that said, "Look waayyy out.. Guess who that is?"  Now how funny was THAT?? 
(I must remember to ask Celia if she could hear us Kay-YAK-ing from the shoreline... you know how sound carries over the water)

ooops.... I guess we were out a bit farther than we thought.... 

Now in the next few shots, you can't really tell that it's me.... but I am at least closer to the shoreline now.  The water is literally about 4 inches deep right where I am.  This year the lake has been the warmest, and cleanest that I have seen it in years.  And tonight it was absolutely crystal clear.

Besides spending a most relaxing evening with a great friend, and knowing that another great friend took the time to drive out to the lake to watch us kayaking (and take a photo of us) -  the sky reminded me that I should also be spending some of my evenings doing another one of my most  favourite things; cross stitching.  But alas... there will be many many cooler days ahead for that.  For now... let's enjoy this gorgeous summer that we've had for as long as we can.

Kathy was trying to get as much background into my picture to show the 'cross-stitch' in the sky and so that's why you can't really tell that it's me. But it is, and  I got a great shot of her!  She commented 'I wished I got a better close up of you, but I wanted to the the sky for you - oh well !  We're just going to have to go out again SOON"      Excellent plan!

Are there any cross stitch lovers out there that have ever seen a cross stitch sunset??? 

If so... it's a sign for you. 

If not; enjoy this shot.  I'm even considering converting it into a cross stitch pattern.  

And Tracey, Anita and Jody ... I promise I won't up-change the pattern. But I better get cracking on reorganizing all my floss.  What was it again Anita... left to right or right to left?  

If anyone was confused by that... stay tuned - that's another post. 
p.s. Tracey.... did we get any photos of the confusion organizing of floss ???

'Til next time.


Tracey said...

What great pictures... love the cross stitch in the sky!! I haven't ever seen that before, but once when driving (not too long after Paul's Dad had died), we looked up and saw "Hi" spelled out in the sky. That was neat, but of course I didn't have my camera :-(

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely pics, glad you all had a lovely time -yaking- away!!!

Catherine said...

What fun! And yesm I have seen a cross~stitch sunset!

The Merry Stitcher said...

Wow what gorgeous pics of the sunset! Your day must have been so serene. I envy you! :) Thank you for sharing your outing.

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