Sunday, September 30, 2012

Scarlet's Growth Chart @ 3 months

As promised, and because it's that time of the month again... I am ready to add an addition to Scarlet's Growth Chart.   I thought it would be interesting to show the progress of Scarlet's growth with my cat Sushi; something to compare her size to.   This particular day that I was taking the photo, I had just got in the door for the day with the baby and I had just laid Scarlet on her blanket and Sushi was sitting beside me and I felt this tap-tap-tap.  Tap-tap-tap.  Sushi was gently getting my attention to tell me that I had NOT yet paid attention to her.   So I just had to have a snuggle with her first or she would never have sat still for our monthly photo shoot.  These two are going to be great friends. I hope.  The way Sushi gets right in there, I'm not sure if its curiosity, jealously or friendship.  I suspect it's all 3. 

So let's step back just a bit... to the first day home from the hospital. Look at the size of Scarlet's head compared to the cat... she was such a teeny tiny little thing.

 2 days old; just home from the hospital.

2 months old.
2 months old.
3 months old.
Gram-mawww... I think that furry thing is on my blanket again.

Is that a tuft of hair that Scarlet has a hold of...?
I bet Gramma won't even see I've got
a hold of some of that furry stuff.
I'll just pretend I thought it was my fuzzy blanket.
Let's give a little pull...
Yah... that worked, no one even noticed I got away with that.
I think Sushi has the photo shoots figured out now...
Thanks for watching us grow.  See you in another month.


Tracey said...

She's way too cute, Gramma!! Love the owl blanket too! :-)

Catherine said...

Oh so cute!!

stitchinrose said...

awwww I so cute. I have a cat that looks a lot like Sushi and was told it was a Russian blue, he too will tap me on the arm or should when he wants attention.

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