Friday, December 7, 2012

Another Year Gone By

Another year has come and gone, and this past Tuesday we found ourselves gathering at Jody's house for our annual Christmas cross stitch meeting.  Our monthly get togethers are usually held in the evening hours, but this time around it worked out that we were all able to arrive by mid-afternoon to start the festivities.

Whenever you pull into Jody's drive there is always a beautiful outdoor vignette she's put together to co-ordinate with the season.  As usual, we weren't disappointed!

After some catching up, and getting our stitching spots set up for the day, someone made the comment that Jody's Christmas tree needed some ornaments.  "I was waiting for you all to get here to help me!" was Jody's response.  About that time, Jody's 3 boys arrived home from school, and they were more than happy to help! 

These guys kept us in stitches - of a different kind - with their fun-loving ways!

We'd worked up an appetite from trimming the tree, so we decided it was time to eat!  Lots of variety with our potluck meal... and let's not forget the candy!!  

With our bellies full, and getting settled in our chairs, it was gift giving time!   As usual we were spoiled rotten!!

From Jody:
A gift card from Chapters, a cute little Santa ornament and yummy Apple-Walnut shower gel.

 From Bonnie:
A Vanilla Sugar Satin Hands kit (that came in an adorable sweater bag!) and a cute button ornament.

 From Anita:
A toiletry bag, a cosmetic bag, and a tissue holder to match our beautiful "weekender" bags that she made us earlier in the year. ( Handwash and wax bars from Scentsy were also tucked inside.) Two "Mug Rugs" that she also sewed, along with a gorgeous hand-made ornament. 

From me:
A stitched "Friendship" sampler by Silver Creek Samplers.  As you can see, only 2 got done in time (due to other stitching commitments).  Thanks for understanding, Bonnie... you will get yours ASAP!

We also got spoiled with a very special treat that arrived for us in the mail the week before.  There was sure a lot of oooing and awwwing as each one of us opened our package from the "Stitching Sisters", who so lovingly stitched ornaments for us... the "Four from Forest".  We get together with these special ladies at our Brentwood Stitching Retreat each May... we only wish we lived closer to one another!  Jayne - when you get the chance, could you please identify who stitched what for us?  Some we could figure out; some are still a mystery :-)  (We did manage to guess who knitted the stars, though! lol) 

It's hard to believe that our little group of 4 is coming up to our 19th year of getting together every month -  laughing, sharing, and stitching .

Jody, Bonnie, Tracey & Anita

We hope that all of our blogging/stitching friends out there, near and far, have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2013!



Barb said...

Looks like a wonderful evening! How lucky you all are to have stitching friends. I have to rely all of my blog friends!

Lisa said...

Very nice!!! I am the only person I know that stitches. Wish I lived near you ladies. Merry Christmas to all of you!!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

so happy you Four From Forest had such a nice evening together. Cheers. I will send the who done it list.

Rita said...

Wow! Beautiful decorations, ornaments, and treats!!!

I made those fabric Santas one year to give to people.

cathy@my1929charmer said...

Wow to be together for 19 years is pretty impressive, and you enjoyed some very pretty decorations, gifts and goodies. The fabric Santas are really cute. So have you put up a tree yet? Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you liked my Natural Christmas Cone Tree! It's pretty easy to make.

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