Thursday, December 27, 2012

Scarlet's Growth Chart @ 6 Months Old

December 26th is Scarlet's 6 month mark and it's time again for another growth chart.   The past 6 months seem to have just flown by.  It's getting a little trickier now to get both Sushi and Scarlet to sit still; Sushi isn't as interested in the pink thing that is nice and warm to cuddle up next to.  Now it moves!  It grabs!  It pulls!  It tries to bite ears!

"I'll show her who's boss around here", said Sushi.

For anyone who may be concerned...
the scratch marks are not from Sushi. (She has been declawed) 
Scarlet had a bad nail.
Since Libby lives out of town and we don't get to see her as often it's really hard to try and have a growth chart done with her.  Libby is a little nervous around the baby, but each time she sees her, she inches closer each time.

The Sock Monkey that Scarlet got for Christmas was a hit.  It covers and uncovers its eyes and says 'peek-a-boo' and then giggles; multiple times.  It sounds like another little baby interacting with Scarlet and she just loves it. 

After a long and exhausting day of peek-a-booing and jolly-jumping, Scarlet was chillin' out with 'Aunti N' and one of her favourite things is to hang onto the couch and look out the window.  When I came upon them... Niki said, 'Mom, she's awfully still, is she sleeping?"  Sure enough.

Niki was a huge fan of the Wizard of Oz, and when she was little she always referred to it as 'the wizard o'boz'.  So shortly after Scarlet was born she said, "I'm going to teach Scarlet to call me Aunti N, and then she will never want me to leave her and she will always say ' come back Aunti N, come back!' " 

We had a lovely Christmas this year; it was the first Christmas in over 20 years that my girls were with me for the entire day. (they usually spend Christmas eve and morning with me, and the rest of the day with their dad - so it is a rush to get gifts opened, eat, shower and change and get out the door before noon).   So this year,  we were able to take our time opening gifts, we had a delicious Christmas breakfast and we lounged in our pj's until 4pm.  Then we headed to my mom's across town for dinner.  (a whole of a 2 minute drive).  

So twice that day I got to say; "There's no place like home. There's no place like home!" 

But now I am back to work after a 10 day stretch of holidays and everyone is gone back home.  So now it's my turn to say....

"Come back Aunti N Come back."
(you too Aunti H, Uncle S ....and your little dog too)


CanuckLulu said...

Hi, Bonnie; I love the pics of the baby. So cute. And looking out the window and falling asleep. I laughed out loud at that. Thanks for sharing. Lulu

Catherine said...

So cute!!

Trina said...

Love the pics and it's hard to believe how much she has grown already! (Love the Wizard of Oz quote too!)

Happy Stitching!

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