Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Found Jesus!

Recently, I found Jesus. Literally; I found him. He was tucked away at the bottom of a drawer.  

Several years ago an acquaintance of mine was struggling with a needlework project and she asked if I could help her out.  I told her I was more than happy to complete the picture for her, but I was busy with a new job and I wasn't sure how long it would take me to finish the picture.  Little did I know when I had said that that I would misplace the kit. When I came upon it,  I felt horrible when I realized how long it had been since I said I would stitch this up for her. 

Last month I was off work sick for three weeks straight and since I was bedridden I thought this would be the perfect time to complete this kit.  I needed a project to keep me busy, but I wasn't well enough to focus on counting to do any cross stitch.  This kit was a prestamped piece that you use yarn to do crewel stitching and floss to do embroidery stitching to accent the piece. 

The completed project.
Crewel stitching with yarn gives a 3D effect to the deer by using a Long Split Stitch. 
How cute is the little lamb
The Raised Seed Stitch was used to make him look really fluffy. 
The rabbit was done with long, split stitches.
Tracey has some competition in the French Knot category.
I think I may have mastered the art of french knots by the time I finished this garden.  

Now, while I am really not interested in counting all the french knots, I am a little curious just exactly how many there are.  And because I know Jayne is reading this and has already conjured up a comment with a dare for me to count them all, I decided to appease her. However,  I started to count, but stopped at 257 because I got mixed up when realized there was a spot I missed and now I'm not starting to count all over again.  Sorry Jayne with a 'y', but I hope you are satisfied with 257.
So now... all I have to do is get this little project back to its owner.  I hope she'll forgive me. 


Tracey said...

It's beautiful, Bonnie... and all of those specialty stitches are just perfect! It looks like Jody will now have 2 people to help her out when she needs her french knots done ☺

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

She'll forgive you, Bonnie. You did a great job. Love all those knots!

Cole said...

Gorgeous! You have more patience than I would for all of those french knots :P

Tammy B said...

That is one nice piece of stitching! Hope you are feeling better!! Boy, you sure know Jayne lol but funny no comment yet.

Jane Henley said...


Leslie said...

... and the french knot war begins. : ) lol.
That is a lovely piece. You did a fantastic job!!!

Happy St Patricks day.

dixiesamplar said...

What a beautiful piece of stitching! I am sure she will love it no matter how long it took.

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