Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Scarlet - Growth Chart @ 12 months old


Scarlet is one year old today -
 - and I love love love the Scarlet/Sushi growth chart for the past year. 
What a great keepsake and thanks for letting me share it with you.

This is the final post for Scarlet and Sushi in this particular position - it's time to come up with another plan.  Scarlet is just too quick for this old lady. I'll have to put my thinking cap on and try to come up with something unique for year two.  Suggestions anyone ? 

Let's take a look back over the past year.
 Now... I'm hoping the next string of photos isn't any indication of trouble for year two.....

Scarlet notices that Sushi is playing with her Birthday Balloon 
and she looks to Gramma for help !

Then Scarlet tried to wrestle Sushi for her Birthday Balloon!

It appears Sushi has won this match and has laid claim to her prize ! 
Notice how she has the string wrapped around her paws.

Sushi isn't giving up this prize anytime soon.
Note the evil eye. 

But Scarlet is actually OK with all this.
After all, she's got a Birthday Cake to wrestle with instead. 


Catherine said...

What fun this has been! Happy Birthday to Scarlett!! Looking forward to seeing the new theme for year two.

Mary said...

Have you given up blogging?

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