Thursday, August 8, 2013

Trish's Treasure Box

(Dear Faithful Followers - thank you for your patience during our unannounced hiatus and thanks for returning) 

As some of you already know - each year the Four from Forest meet up with the Stitching Sisters at Brentwood on the Beach for our annual cross stitching retreat where we spend hours and hours stitching, laughing, sharing stories and building great friendships.  Each year that  we visit we learn more and more about each other.  In 2011 I posted a story about Trish and a poem that she wrote after the war in London.  

This year at retreat, Trish treated us all to a special 'treasure box' that was handed down to her when her mother passed away. Inside the box was a variety of embroidery transfers dating back as far as 1908.   She brought the box to retreat and generously offered for us to help ourselves to whatever we wanted.  I couldn't bear the thought of taking even one of her treasures, but she convinced me that she was happy to know that someone would get some use out of them and there were so many she would never ever do them all anyway.  I had a hard time deciding what I wanted, but I had a blast searching through the entire box.   Going through the box was a tad stressful for me because I was so afraid I would rip the delicate papers.  As I started looking at all the unique transfers I knew this would make an interesting blog post so I quickly grabbed my camera.  

Let's take a look inside...

Apparently, some of these transfer booklets
came as free inserts with magazines.
If I had a jumper or a frock today, I might consider embroidering it.
It says 'Monster Gift Book', but I didn't find any monsters inside.
Have you noticed all the different names of magazines yet?
As suggested in 1933, I'm considering embroidering my undies.

Transfer booklet - complete with stitching guide.

This next transfer reminds me of Tracey.  When we went to public school (a year apart from each other) we were fortunate enough to have Home Economics classes as one of our school subjects; hence, our love for stitching. Not long ago when I was closet cleaning, I came upon an embroidery project of two Holly Hobbies that I did when I was in grade 8 and brought them to our cross stitch meeting to show everyone; Tracey gasped when she saw them because she had chosen the exact same embroidery project as me!  

Holly Hobby Bonnie and Holly Hobby Tracey.

1975 - Tracey showcasing her Holly Hobby embroidery projects.
LOVE the picture Tracey, thanks for sharing this Retro Flashback!!
p.s  Love the shirt -
- your hair has changed, but your smile is still as radiant as ever.

These Pixies reminded me of my  Brownie days.  Does anyone else remember sitting in a circle and surrounding the spotted mushroom while Brown Owl or Tawny Owl taught us our lessons?

This sea-life collage of transfers made me laugh right out loud because one of the fish immediately reminded me of a movie I saw when I was little.  Can you spot the fish I am talking about?  I tried to find a year on the transfer to see if there was any correlation to the movie, but I didn't see one.  Does anyone remember this movie? 

WARNING: X-Rated wildlife!
I'm not quite sure what it is being suggested that the three bunnies are doing, but it appears to confirm why they multiply so fast. 

Trish found this transfer to be quite interesting, and commented that she could not place a year on the transfer,but given the title of it, she assumed it was published before the war. 
Titled:  The Allies.
An odd collection of transfers ???

This one reminded me of both Anita and Jody because
Anita is Dutch and Jody absolutely loves tulips.
Budding Friendships!

I wonder what this one would look like with some of the new variegated threads. I might have to try it out.

After quite some time going through the box of transfers, Trish finally convince me to take as many as I wanted.  So here is the selection that tugged at my heart. 

Because, of course, Gramma will be teaching
dear little Scarlet how to stitch one day.
I'm not sure what I will stitch this on yet,
but I have plenty of time to decide.
This one is going on the front of an apron.
I can't wait to teach Scarlet how to bake cookies.

When she is old enough, we'll do  &*$%@$%%& cookies.

Perhaps all these transfers can border around the apron??
Please send suggestions, I would love to hear your ideas.

The look on her face depicts mine as well. 
Of all the household chores
dusting and sweeping are the two I despise most.
This one reminds me of Scarlet's nerdy Gramma
who always loved doing the dishes!
YES - I love to iron too.
Read about it here: Bonnie Loves to Iron.
We all need a break from the household chores.
Take the time to read.  Or.. is she singing?
OK then.  Do Both!

All these embroidery transfers inspired me to set down my cross stitching and take up the embroidery needle again.  Stay tuned for the small project I've got started, even I can't wait to see it when it's finished. 

I didn't happen to notice any little helpers gardening amongst collection of chores.  Hmmmm... I'm going to have to take another look at the transfers to see if I missed that one or not.  Either way, while I was shopping last week I came upon Cinderella gardening gloves that I may just have to go back and pick up for a little someone special so she can help her Gramma.  Speaking of gardening, I fear that mine are all calling my name right now and it's a glorious day to be out in the sunshine.  
Til next time, 


Tracey said...

Loved the post Bonnie... thanks so much for the compliment! ((blush))
Looks like it's my turn to post something next, so I'd better get thinking of a topic...

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

what fun and let me tell you, that wallpaper is so Marjorie! lol (my mother wallpapered EVERYTHING and she always had big flowers so I had a chuckle)
Love this post and can't wait to see what you have been up to.
Oh and I did hear that we have a blanket coming our way. Thank you all so very much, I am sure "Alexis" will love cuddling up with Gramma and Grampa.
Cheers and have a wonderful weekend.
As always

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