Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pretty In Pink - Part 2

Back in January, I read about the "Pink Scarf Project" that Vicki was so graciously organizing, and I knew right away that I wanted to join in. (You can read my post about it here.)  Since then, my pile of scarves has been growing... thanks to the other ladies of this blog, along with my Mom, and my friend Rene.

As it turns out, it will be one year tomorrow that I had my own breast cancer surgery, and I know what a scary, emotional time it can be.  As I knit/crocheted the scarves that I'm going to give, I wondered about each of the recipients, and I hope that they can feel the love and positive energy stitched into each and every one.

 You've still got some time if you'd like to get involved, so just click on the link at the top of our blog on the sidebar.

Time to get ours packed up and off in the mail!



Bonnie said...

Yay Pink!

Beautiful Tracey - and I love how you knit and crocheted the positive energy into each scarf. So You !

I hope you've kept a pink one for yourself!

Miss LindaLee said...

What a beautiful display of the scarves. I too am knitting up some and am so glad that I can give to others.

The Merry Stitcher said...

So pretty and warm looking too, I know they will feel so special in these and loved. :)

Vicki Boster said...

Tracey- your beautiful scarf donations have arrived--- how can I ever thank you for such a generous gift of love?? I am so humbled that you and your friends and Mom would all want to contribute to this project. Your scarves will all be so loved when they go to new homes.

Watch for all the scarves to be photographed and shown on my blog in a few weeks---

Thank you from the bottom of my heart--

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