Sunday, September 7, 2014

Brentwood 2014 Part 3 - Projects

The one thing I love about going to Brentwood every year is to see all the different projects that everyone is working on.  It's always so interesting to see everyone's taste and colour selections of projects;  some people use various types of hoops and some prefer to use the sewing method. Almost all of these projects are a work in progress, so of course they have wrinkles, hoop prints and no frames.  Let's take a look ... 





I had to share this story because it made me laugh right out loud when it happened. This particular project is one that Trish has been working on for a few years so we were so excited to see it finished, framed and hung on the wall for us all to see.  I was standing there looking at all the intricate work when I noticed there were red squiggly lines underneath some of the locations within the map.  So I said, "What are the red squiggly lines?"  Smartass Jayne just happened to be walking by just at that moment and she very casually answered, "Spellcheck"  !!

After we finished laughing, Trish explained that the lines were all places she has visited.

Another project that Trish brought to share with us as a little apron she made out of all her children's faded jeans.  How Sweet is This ?? !! 

I love this !

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you enjoyed all these projects.  Just makes you want to sit and stitch all day doesn't it? 


LindaLee said...

Since I've been sick, I've been so out of touch. Haven't posted on my own blog since forever! Health hasn't changed, but I want to get back into checking on my friends and stitching.

I always enjoy stopping in here. Keep up the great job.

LindaLee from Love'N My Stitches

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