Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Brentwood 2014 Part 2 - Trinkets Galore

Each year we, The Four from Forest, like to make some little trinket for The Stitching Sisters as a token of our friendship and a memorable keepsake of Brentwood; and we are always pleasantly surprised with something in return.  This year we decided to create tile coasters of some cross stitch patterns with some rubber stamps that Anita found in her travels and Tracey found the tiles at a local ‘Re-Store’ which sales go to the local Habitat for Humanity housing.  I was quite surprised at just how easy this craft was to make.   

First we cleaned the tiles ... and ate some candy ....
...then we ate some candy ...and cleaned more tiles.
The stamps were inked and carefully placed over the tile.
A sprinkle of "magic dust" covers the entire inked area.
Excess dust is carefully shaken off.
Bake in the oven and when finished and cooled, the ink will puff up.

When we added the finishing touches we attached a little poem that we had a contest to see who could rhyme it off after a few glasses or two of wine.
Treasures for everyone !!
One of our trinkets was made by Jayne.
She loves snowmen and when you take off his little hat, he becomes an Ort Jar.
Here's hoping this little poem adds to the warmth of this coming winter and it's bitter cold forecast.

This pretty little scissor case, done in our traditional Brentwood colours were created by Freida and Kerry.  Thanks so much ladies !!
The other side of the scissor case was in tribute in memory of Patti, one of The Stitching Sisters.
This ADORABLE picture is Patti when she was little. 
A few years ago we played a photo game at Brentwood and everyone submitted a picture of when they were little and we had to guess who each other was.

Even though we only knew her for a few years, Patti is dearly missed by everyone and will remain in our memory forever. 


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