Sunday, February 7, 2010


I fell in love with 'Fugi" many years ago. I saw the completed needlework hanging on the wall at our favourite Cross Stitch store, Thread & Eye. I thought about that picture many times over the years and always wondered if I could still find the pattern.

Then one night, it was suggested that rather than host our usual Cross Stitch Night, why not make the trip into London and sit in on one of the 'Sit & Stitch Nights' that the Thread & Eye hosted and then we would go out to dinner afterward.

When we arrived at Thread & Eye the first thing I saw on the wall was Fugi. I mentioned that I loved it and Kathy, the store owner said, "I'm sure we still have that pattern". Sure enough....and... Sold!

I entered Fugi in our local fair and it received a First Place Special. I'm hoping Anita, Tracey and Jody will enter their projects in the fair this year. Between the four of us, we could certainly give this town something to talk about. Oh wait... we already do!

Fugi is stitched on 28 ct Antique White Chashel Linen. I love the details and colours on the breast of the bird. (Click on the photo for a close-up) The pussywillows are stitched in Whisper White W88 and Whisper Grey W98. These threads are fluffy. If you have never stitched with these 'Whisper' threads, here's a hint: don't LICK IT. Use a needle threader and a big-eyed needle; the larger needle also opens the holes so the floss can pass through easier and be sure to use shorter lengths of floss. It's also easier to handle if you use one strand and go over each leg of the stitch twice.

Once your project is completed, washed, ironed etc., take a toothbrush and fluff up the Whisper stitches, this will give the pussywillows a 3-D effect. Oh, here's another hint: be careful you are not mad at your 'ex' when you are using the toothbrush on the stitching. I was speaking of an incident while I was 'fluffing' and Anita had to remind me that I was taking it out on my poor Fugi. Kinda like a kid saying 'never let your mom brush your hair when she's mad at your dad'.



Meadows08 said...

Thanks for the hints for using Whisper. I was wondering how to fluff it. Using a big eyed needle and single strands makes so much sense!

Siobhan said...

Very pretty! I love the effect that Whisper gives. Welcome to the blogging world! You look like such a fun group of ladies. :)

staci said...

Congrats on your first place finish! Thanks for the Whisper tips...I once used it on a project and found it terribly frustrating!!!

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