Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy...

As a bunny... or is it busy as a beaver??

Any hoooo, I want to apologize to all our readers for the lack of posts lately. Bonnie's computer had been sick at the doctor's. Thankfully she now has back at home with her as good as new. Maybe she will get a chance to post a pic of her Easter cross stitch that I stitched for her ?? (hint, hint...)

Hubby and I have been hard at it, trying to get the last part of our reno done (painting, cleaning and such) so we can move back in and give my Mom's house back to her.

Needless to say, the stitching has taken a back seat, but I'm sure once the renovations are complete I will be able to relax in our new "sitting room" and stitch till my heart's content. Oh wait... by that time things will be popping up in the gardens and it will be time to be digging in the dirt and working outside. Oh well, it was a nice thought while it lasted!

Here's a taste of what we have been working on the past 3 months:


On our way to:


I will post more pics later when we get to the finished product!

I hope the Easter Bunny will be able find his way to us this weekend, since I'm not sure at what house we will be sleeping when he visits! :^)

Happy Easter everyone!!


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