Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Looking For Spring

Now that we've had a few milder, sunny days I think I am getting in the mood for spring.

Bought some tulips... got out the sunglasses... thinking about putting the winter boots away (now that might be jumping the gun just a bit.)

I wanted to share the latest piece I got back from the framers. (Thanks Neale from the Thread & Eye. I love it!)

"The Seasons" by Bent Creek

This was a really fun stitch, and the best part is you can leave it up year round.
Can't wait to officially move into the season that is stitched second from the left :^)

Here's to even more sunny days ahead!!



Catherine said...

What a cute piece!

Chantelle said...

Canvas shoes and sunglasses today! Down with winter!!! :D

staci said...

Wonderful finish!!!

We've been having some wonderful warm and sunny days as well :) Except I haven't seen any sign of flowers, everything is still brown, ugh!

Love the St Patty's look of your blog ;)

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