Friday, November 5, 2010

Before and After

Well, I never thought I'd see this day... the day when I would be able to post both the before and the after pictures of our sitting room!
This particular room has had many uses over the 22 years we've lived here... junk room; play room; computer room... and I can't believe it is finally our sitting room. Boy, I have sure waited a long time for this!
It all began back in February of this year when my hubby and I ripped off almost 1 and 1/2 tons of plaster and lathe and then carted it all to the dump. (I think I can still smell that old plaster smell!) I'm embarrassed to say that this whole process took a long nine months; but it was certainly worth it all in the end.

In this view from the top of the staircase, you can see where the piece of the baseboard is missing... that's where there was once was a wall. It was such a cramped space when people came in off of the porch through that open door. Not very inviting at all!

We salvaged as much of the original baseboards and door trim that we could from the walls we took down. Our amazingly talented contractor then used this wood to trim up the fireplace he designed to match up with rest of the room.
See the one wood corner cabinet? That is one of 2 that we rescued from Jody's brother's house when he was doing a total renovation. These would have ended up in the burn pile if Jody hadn't asked if we wanted them. Thanks Jod! :^)

You can also see here the pine floors that I had originally painted, now sanded down and waiting for a
coat of Minwax English Chestnut stain.


Long gone is this awful blue colour... now replaced with a soothing green historical colour by Benjamin Moore called "Wethersfield Moss". (For some reason I can't get the true green colour when I take a pic with camera.)

The 2 doorways that lead into the kitchen. Now there is only one. While we were in the mess, we decided to rip up the flooring in the kitchen and refinish the floor in there too. A total gut and redo of the kitchen will happen someday... probably in another 22 years! :^)

Looking forward to putting my Christmas tree in the space next to the staircase. (Not for a few weeks though!) The little black chest of drawers holds all of my DMC floss. We got it for $40.00 at a little antique place and changed the colour from white to black.

The corner cabinets in their temporary homes until we got around to the reno. The window behind the one on the right was filled in... didn't think we needed a window in the closet!

Painted the corner cabinets white to match the rest of the trim. We wanted them to look like they have always been a part of the house.

So happy that the room I envisioned for all these years turned out even better than I had expected.
Thanks for stopping by! :^)


Catherine said...


Bonnie said...

Tracey, this is an excellent display of 'Before and After' shots. Good Job! I know it felt like a very long time, but all projects that are 9 months in the making with intense labour always delivers in the end. Congratulations on your new addition. Absolutely stunning.

Tracey said...

Thanks ladies!
Bonnie: You must have taken a double dose of your "PUN" pills today :^) Thanks for the laugh!!

Tammy said...

Wow Tracey you should send those pictures into house and home there awesome. I just luv the colour too!!!

Kerry said...

Hi Tracey, your home looks fantastic! Great job. Renovating is so much work but so worth the effort. Happy stitching!

Irene said...

The new room looks wonderful and so welcoming.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

hey you want the wonderful fragrance of lathe and plaster??? come on down. Your room is wonderful and very inviting and ps... I love the green, 3053 maybe??? Thanks for sharing and Be always in stitches.

staci said...

Your sitting room turned out beautifully! What a cozy and inviting room!!!

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