Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lest We Forget

We observe Remembrance Day here in Canada on November 11th. It's a time to honour and remember all those people who fought (or who are fighting) for our freedom.

My FIL Jack was in the 1st Canadian Armoured Division. He served in the 2nd World War from 1942-1945 as a gunner in a Sherman tank. When Jack passed away in 2007, my husband got his first tattoo the following year in memory of his Dad. (Coincidently, Jack's birthday was November 11th...)

Here are a couple of links to videos that better express the importance of this day:

Love this cross stitch (pattern can be found here)... I'll have to add it to my "wish list".



Kerry said...

I love the cross stitch of Remembrance Day, where can I buy it. I must have it. My FIL was a vet his birthday was November 12. Can I copy a couple of your photos for my blog for Thursday?
Happy stitching.

Catherine said...

What a beautiful cross stitch piece! Perhaps you could find a way to place your FIL's name/initials/dates of service on there.

Canadianbloggergirl said...

I agree, where can I get this cross stitch pattern? I am an army wife and would love to make this for next rememberance day!


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