Sunday, October 30, 2011

Falling Leaves on Fright Night

Before Halloween slips away, I wanted to show you two of my recent finishes for the season... Falling Leaves and Fright Night.

 Well, if you want to get technical, they're really not finished finished.  They both need to be put in their frames yet, plus the cat and the 3 little bats all need eyes (which I will do when I get the gold beads that I have on order).

 You've seen me post my progress on Falling Leaves before, but for some reason I never showed Fright Night as I was working on it.  I have many Halloween patterns that I want to stitch in my lifetime, so why did I pick this one you ask?  Well, it all started with a frame.  An old frame that I bought at a thrift store for next to nothing... I just couldn't leave it there!  When I went through my patterns, I thought this one would be the perfect fit for that particular frame- with a bit of "tweaking" of course. 

If you look at the pattern here and compare it to the finished piece, you will notice that in order to accommodate the size of this frame, I added the black and orange border (plus the cute little green buttons in the corners!)

Since I am still feeling in the Halloween mood, a couple of days ago I just had to start something new from my stack of spooky patterns.

I'll wait and show you that one another day...



Villa-loredana said...

Nice present for the tusal by daffy, and the leavs are marvelous. Have a nice Sunday. Loredana

Catherine said...

Great fall projects! Love your border!

staci said...

Wonderful fall stitching Tracey!!!

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