Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lucky Me... Again!

If you read Bonnie's last post about our shopping adventure, Bonnie mentioned that I had been very lucky lately and that we had hoped by purchasing a lottery ticket at the start of our day my luck would carry on.  You're probably thinking, Tracey's posting to tell us about their big lotto win!... unfortunately that's not the case - we didn't win a thing- nothing, nada, not even a free ticket!  What I have been lucky with the past month or so are give-aways.

At the beginning of September I entered Peggy's give-away at her blog called Never Enough Stash! and I wanted to share a picture of the wonderful goodies I got in my package when it arrived in the mail.

Magazines! Fabrics! Threads! Charms! A hoop!- Oh my! (Sorry... I didn't getting a picture of the yummy Utah mint chocolate truffle before I ate it.)  Thanks again Peggy!!  I'm sure everything will be put to good use.

I love candles.  Especially ones that smell like you've been baking something when you haven't been (have tricked my hubby with that one on a number of occasions, much to his dismay).  One of my favourite brands is Country Home Candle, made right here in Ontario Canada.  So I decided to enter a contest they were having to promote their new fall scents, and lo and behold I was one of the lucky winners! (I actually have Autumn Trail burning right now... smells awesome!!)

You never know when your luck will run out, but hey- I'll probably keep entering contests for the fun of it anyway.  And those lottery tickets?  I'll probably keep buying them too...

A girl can dream, can't she??



Jules said...

WOW! You have been a lucky lady as of late. I love scented candles too, especially cinnamon and vanilla scents. Glade puts out a nice one called "Cool Serenity". It has a lovely aroma!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

lucky duck you, Country Home Candles are wonderful so have fun with that basket and enjoy the fragrance while your
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