Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tea for Two

For close to 30 years now, my girlfriend Diane and I have been getting together for tea.  We met when our daughters were in preschool together and a few years later I just happened to buy a house 2 doors down from her.  At the time someone had said to me, “That will be the end of that friendship, that’s just too close to live to each other.”   Far from it.

We loved getting together and it is so convenient to just yell across the yard, “Come for tea!!” 

Often we will traipse over to the others house in the early hours of the morning in our slippers, sometimes our jammies, sometimes braless and often times without hair or makeup done.  Because we can.   And mostly because we don't care what we look like.   We enjoy each others company and our friendship continues to build over the years through many hours of laughter (and the occasional tears).

During one of our many visits, after we could barely breathe from one of those moments of laughter, I had commented, “How many people do you know that get together like we this?”  Her reply was, “Not many. I don’t know anyone who gets together as much as we do”  

Over the years Diane has collected teapots and when I saw these next few patterns, I knew I just had to do them for her.  She loved them.  She has them both hanging in her kitchen and often when I’m over, she comments on how much she still loves them.

I stitched this one so many years ago
I can't even remember if it was a kit or a pattern... sorry...
Rather than frame this project,
I decided to turn it into something a little different.
I made this into a serving tray. After positioning a matte around it
I placed a piece of glass, caulked it to hold it in and then I
glued a piece of braid around the edges.
Tah-Dah! So many things you can do with a cross-stitch project.
 Once while we were shopping we came across this book and I said, “Oh Diane, what a perfect name for a book.  Why didn’t we think of this?” 

Not only the title caught my eye, but the gorgeous Victorian style. 
This next cross stitch was a kit that someone no loner wanted and put it up for grabs, - Needless to say, I snatched it up pretty quickly. 

Over the years, Diane has collected many teapots.  One day she came over with one and said, "I'm getting rid of some of my teapots, I just don't have room for them all.  I want you to have this one because it just reminds me of you, and I know how you love your cat."
How cute is that?
Women are like teabags.
We don't know our true strength until we are in hot water! 
Eleanor Roosevelt

Well now that's in the bag, I think I'll curl up and have a spot of tea.  
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Tracey said...

Great post Bonnie!

I'd forgotten about the cross stitch that you displayed in the tray... love it!! :^)

Catherine said...

What a great friendship!

gracie said...

Amazing friendship and beautiful tea pots.

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