Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What Do You Do?

It is the first day of 2012.  It is 5pm.  I'd had a late lunch, the house is tidy, the dog is walked, I have a loaf of bread in the bread machine and hubby is gone for the day... now what should I do?  Why stitch of course!! 

I turn on the TV and come across the movie "27 Dresses".  Chick flick... perfect!  Decide to check my email one last time before I settle in my chair and all of a sudden everything goes black.  The hydro is out.  Wait -  only for a second -  and it's back on.  Oh no!  It flickers again and again and then total darkness.  OK... no worries... even though it's very windy out, it probably won't be out for very long; right?  Wrong!!!  There goes my perfect night of stitching, not to mention my loaf of bread in the machine which still had a couple of hours to go!!

So what do you do when the hydro goes out?  What do I do??  Get out my little book light and read Ghost stories of course!

  A Christmas gift from my daughter and SIL.

 In the meantime, Paul arrives home.  Takes Willow for a walk in the pitch black.  Comes back, and being the nice wife that I am, I give up our only book light, so hubby can work on his cross words. (Note to self: add a second book light to shopping list.)

So after 5 hours of living like pioneers (how did they do it?!!), the hydro comes back on at 10:05pm.

I may as well go have a look in the bread machine and pitch the ruined loaf.  I am surprised to see the lid of the bread maker pushed slightly open... the bread hadn't started the baking phase when we lost power, and so it has been "rising" all this time! I am about to throw it out when I wonder ... hmmmm... why don't I try baking it in the oven?  ( I guess my brain is still in pioneer mode!)  What do I have to lose?

Online I go and find wonderful info on the bread making process with pictures too!  Since the mixing is already done, and  the recipe says to let the mixture rise for 4 hours or more, the hard part is already done! 

As it looked straight from the bread machine.

Covered  with olive oil and salt... it's now "resting" for 30 minutes.

I bake it for 35 minutes and voila!... there you have it.  OK, so it may not be the prettiest bread you ever did see, but at least I salvaged it and it's edible for the most part.  (Was still a little doughy in the middle.)

 So my bread making adventure is now over, and it is time to put January 1st, 2012 ( and me) to bed.  I have to admit that I am still pouting a little over the fact that not a single X was made on my fabric today.

What a difference a day makes!!

Well my frown was turned upside down the next morning when Bonnie emailed me and invited me to her place for a day of stitching!!  :^)

All was well as I headed over to Bonnie's house around 12:30 with my bread (and stitching) in hand, where we enjoyed a delicious lunch of her homemade hamburger stew, ice-cream dessert and left-over Christmas goodies.  After a 10 hour day of stitching, talking and munching while watching the 1991 TV series of Dark Shadows, I walked home thankful for having our hydro again... mostly because it allowed me to have such a wonderful day together with a dear friend.



jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

awe, now that there is what friends are "four" and being with Bonnie, well, let's just say,,,you wouldn't be in the dark there.......
Be always in stitches

Bonnie said...

aawww shucks

Bonnie said...

Oh Jayne, LOL

I wrote my comment before I read yours. You are too funnnneeee.

Looking forward to May: got my first 'photo' in the mail today. I'm getting excited....!!

Delania said...

for those times when our power has gone out I use a head lamp that I bought in the sporting goods department at our local Super Center. It straps onto your head and even tilts to focus on your stitching. It looks a little odd but works great!

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