Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Finish To Share

Well, it turns out I didn't share my progress as I stitched away on Garden of Love .  At one point when I thought about it, I was nearing the end, so I thought I might as well just wait until I was finished.  So I'm sharing the finish today.

Easter weekend my hubby and I were busy outside preparing things for the new fence, so on Monday I decided to take a break and spend the afternoon stitching.  It was a beautiful sunny day, so I grabbed my stitching, got in the truck, and decided to drive up and sit by the water at the Bluewater Bridge (which crosses from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada into Port Huron, Michigan).  

It was a busy spot that day; what with the kids having a day off of school for Easter Monday and gorgeous weather to boot.  Even though the sun was shining, the wind was a bit on the cool side so I stayed put in the truck.  No distractions... just the view of the river, blue skies and the sea gulls swooping around hoping that someone will share one of their french fries they got from the infamous chip truck "under the Bridge". 

I snapped this picture just as the rain clouds were starting to roll in... one of the few fishermen I saw that day...

The timing was perfect... just as the raindrops started to fall, I was putting the final stitches in Garden of Love.

Here is the finished product...

This was a really fun stitch, and I know I will definitely be using those silk threads again in the future.

On to the next!!...



milly said...


Lovely post today. The perfect scenario - warm in the truck, some gorgeous stitching and a great view as well!

Your Garden Of Love finish is beautiful!

Laura said...

That sounds like such fun to go somewhere like that and stitch! What a great idea!!!!! Your Garden of Love is gorgeous!!! Your stitching is perfect!!!

Melissa said...

How gorgeous! The stitching is awesome and I love how you placed your finished product with the blossoms, definitely fits with the theme!

Kerry said...

Love your project and I must say I visit the same spot under the bridge many times and those fries they are the best. It is a good thing I live where I do, the temptation...... Have a good Sunday.

Rita said...

Beautiful finish!

Believe it or not I'm familiar with that bridge. Long ago (and far away from here in Texas) when we lived in Michigan I went with my DD's Girl Scout troop and we walked across that bridge.

There were some Girl Guides waiting for us on the other side. The girls all had little trinkets to share with one another.

That was before we needed a passport or other ID to cross the border.

Denise said...

Awesome stitching and I also like to get away and do my stitching. That is real relaxing!
Happy stitching