Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Moonlit Stroll

This past Friday morning around six AM, the full moon was so magnificent that I decided to head out for a moonlit stroll.  (Actually is wasn't quite as romantic as it sounds...the dog just had to pee.)  I grabbed my camera and headed out.

Just on the edge of town about a block from where we live, is a place called the fairgrounds - complete with a race track for the horses, some stables and a few agricultural buildings.  Our annual fall fair is held here in September... the busiest time in an otherwise quiet neighbourhood. 

Just beyond that is a farmer's field, where the golden moon was descending at a rapid rate.  I got out the camera and starting shooting (as much as I like my camera, it's at times like this that I would really love to have a better one.)

After about 100 pictures Willow was getting pretty impatient, so we carried on with our walk in the opposite direction... just in time to see the yellow sun peeking up over the horizon to start a brand new day. 


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Anonymous said...

Lovely photos!

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