Friday, June 29, 2012

Brentwood 2012 Part 2, Sunsets and Scenery

How often have you heard the expression 'pictures just don't do it justice' ?   

How many pictures have you taken of a sunset in the hopes that 'this is the one, the one that will capture it all' ???  A near impossible task if you ask me. 

So.... sit back now and try to imagine the following sunsets as if you were standing there taking the picture yourself.


This is one of my favourite pictures.
To the right, the upper deck of the mechanical lift that takes you to the beach.

I set the zoom on the camera as high as I could to capture the moon.

I took advantage of my holiday to sleep in so there are no pictures of the sun rise, however, once the sun was high in the sky it was time to take pictures of the scenery.  

The stairs leading down to the beach....
Looking down towards the beach.
It doesn't seem that far down to the beach,
but it sure seems far on the trek back up!

Each year, there is something new to see.
At first glance I was not sure what this was from a distance...
Soakin' up the sun.
Such an appropriate spot for this statue.

Also new this year is a mechanical lift to assist you down the cliff to the beach.  I am standing at the lift looking across the neighbouring property and the flood of purple phlox that seems to go on forever.  Now if you were in a boat looking at the shoreline, can you just imagine the excellent photo opportunity.

Ahhhhh... a quiet romantic moment.
Perhaps I should have stopped and asked this couple if they would like this photo.

Stay tuned for more.... 


CalamityJr said...

So beautiful. You have quite the eye!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

hey you know what, when I look at those pictures I have a funny feeling I am hearing laughter in the distance wonder why?
as always

Tracey said...

More great shots Bonnie... I love sunset #5!!

Melissa said...

Just gorgeous!!!

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