Saturday, October 20, 2012

More Fall and Halloween

Before we reach the end of this month, I wanted to give you a peek of what I've been stitching the last month and show you my Fall/Halloween mantle/decor for this year.

As soon as I saw the pattern of "The Town Of Halloween" by the Primitive Hare in the Just Cross Stitch magazine, 2012 Special Collector's Issue, I knew it was a must stitch!! 

I thought I was going to put in on hold until next year, but one day last month when I was going through my craft cupboard, I stumbled across some forgotten fabric that was just perfect for it!  Many moons ago, I bought a Mill Mini-Afghan in Golden Wheat, to use for this Santa wall hanging.  I didn't need the whole thing, so I tucked the extra away...


Since the Halloween pattern was so primitive, I thought - why not give the fabric a coffee bath to age it up a bit?  Well, it changed the colour a bit, but not as much as I would have liked.  (I figure this fabric must have some polyester in it and that's why it didn't "take" very well.)

As I worked on this, I saw a few others out there in blog land doing it too.  When I had a closer look at these, it seems that I should have been doing the backstitching (especially the big spider web) with just one strand of floss instead of 2.  Now, it could just be me - but I found the instructions a bit confusing... what do you think??

The fabric shows way lighter here than in real life!
This year I was not in the mood when it came to decorating for fall, so I can't take any credit for what you are about to see.  My daughter, Chantelle was home for a visit a couple of weeks ago and she was more than willing to help me out!  :-)

Grrrr... I find it so difficult to get a true colour of my green walls!!
Love this plaque that I got at Hobby Lobby last year...
... I had to laugh, because on closer inspection this year, I noticed that the letter "S" was missing...
... and also forgotten here too! lol

Thanks so much, Chantelle!!  

By any chance, do you also happen to be coming home for a visit when it's time for my Christmas decor to go up???  :-)



Trina said...

I love the stitching pieces and your mantle looks just awesome - as always! I just love seeing what projects and home decorating you ladies turn out.


Happy Stitching!

Tammy B said...

those are totally weird/confusing instructions. I would have done 2 stands too

Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

Your work is beautiful. I really love the Santa towel. Wonderful detail.
Also loving the glass pumpkins, the glittery pumpkin! I do have an attraction to sparkly, shiny things.

Chantelle said...

A much delayed "you're welcome", Mom! :) I'm so happy that I could be home to help decorate, and I so wish I could be there to do Christmas stuff too! Maybe there's a way I can make it happen for a Monday Tuesday in early Dec...hmmm ;)

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