Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Sew" Lucky

A while back, Anita and I made a date to spend the day together at her house finishing some of my cross stitch pieces.  Years ago, I had made a cross stitch for Halloween and put it together as a small hanging to put on my front door.  I liked it so much, that I recently thought- why not stitch a bunch of different pieces to change up with each season?  (I have more details about it here in this post.)

Now, I could have attempted this finishing on my own; but between my ancient, finicky sewing machine, and my limited sewing skills it would have taken me forever.  Anita has the most perfect sewing/craft room- not to mention amazing sewing skills- plus all the right gadgets to get the job done.

I also had a couple of Christmas ornaments to finish, so we thought that would be a good place to start.  No sewing involved with these ones... so even I was able to help!  We headed over to Vonna's blog, where she has a list of  tutorials for numerous finishing ideas.  We decided on the flat ornament and with the easy to follow instructions we had these done in no time at all.

Time to get busy with the wall hangings!  Now, I did bring some fabric to use, but Anita insisted I go through her fabric stash to see if there was anything different I would like to use.  What fun going through all the drawers of fabric...there was every colour of the rainbow!

What a lucky lady to have this view while sewing!

We Anita had a very productive day, and I was more than thrilled how everything turned out!  I am "sew" lucky to have such a special friend that is more than willing to help me out when I come begging calling.

The next week, I was hosting cross stitch night and Anita was the first to arrive.  We lined up all of the finishes so we could show Bonnie and Jody when they came over... Anita even brought 2 of her own pretties to share!

Notice the bit of sparkle I added to my ornaments?  I added old buttons from my Nana's button tin.  They both have a clear crystal in the centre.

I love how Anita changed up the colours of Lizzie Kate's "One Hundred Years From Now".  The recommended threads didn't quite work with the rustic fabric that she chose.  Here's a closer look:

Another by Lizzie Kate... don't you just love the frame she picked for the "ABC's Of Parenting"?

After seeing all of our finishes, Jody said that she can't wait to gather up her own cross stitch pieces and have her own "sewing day" at Anita's! :-)



Trina said...

You girls are definitely "sew" talented and your finished projects are always gorgeous to view! Love them all and I am going to be doing a Lizzie Kate project myself - after the geese are backstitched!

Happy Stitching!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Very nice, what a view but more importantly what an amazing bond stitching alows with the ones we love to share our lives with. Miss you guys...All four of you.

Catherine said...

What a fun day! Loved seeing all your finishes!

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