Monday, January 28, 2013

Scarlet's Growth Chart @ 7 months

Time again for Scarlet and Sushi's Growth Chart. We've hit the 7 month mark and I still don't know where the time has gone.  In my last post I had commented that it's getting harder now to capture these two sitting still beside each other.  While both are absolute 'hams' when the camera comes out - they fidget far too much when together.   The moment I put Scarlet on a blanket, Sushi is right there.  She can't stand to be too far from her, but she is learning to keep a bit of a distance now that Scarlet can grab a hold of her.

Scarlet is getting a good grip...
...awwwwww... looooooove.

If someone wants to love me like that,
I might let them pull my hair too.
Now Sushi is giving her kisses too.

Scarlet and Sushi will be here for you again next month about this time. 

Until then, let's learn from these two. Go grab someone you love and give them a  kiss like that !! 



Nancy said...

Oh how adorable is that???? She gave Sushi a kiss and then Sushi gave her one. You can definitely see that there is a bond there. I love seeing your growth pics.

Catherine said...

So sweet!

Tammy B said...

awww thats like my Nico. He body slams one of the cats to cuddle him its soo cute

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