Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Bunch of "Firsts"

A new project is on the knitting needles, and as I was working on it today, I got to thinking; for some reason, there sure are a bunch of "firsts" involved with this particular project...
  1. First time using this type of yarn - James C. Brett Marble Chunky ( I wish it had a colour "name" )
  2. First time using bamboo needles (love them!)
  3. First time using circular needles (not as complicated as I thought they were going to be)
  4. First time using a stitch marker (technically an old earring; but it does the job)
  5. First time knitting a shawl 

I guess it's not unusual to have so many firsts when you are fairly new to a hobby, but for some reason, it made just made me smile. 

Another thing that made me smile, was finally finding a use for this neat basket that I've had for almost 2 years.  When my daughter got married in British Columbia, my son-in-law's Mom found a local artisan who made these baskets and bought a few to use at the reception.  I was lucky enough to get to bring one home, and I never knew what to use it for until now.  

It even has a place to hang my scissors! :-)



Barb said...

Good going on all your firsts!

Rita said...

Have fun!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

There's something about a new hobby that encourages many firsts. Congratulations and may the 1st be with you.....Cheers

Tammy B said...

I love that yarn thats what I am doing my wip granny square blanket in