Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm Hooked!

I guess my post title today would be more appropriate if I was going to talk about crocheting, but now that I've rediscovered knitting, it's true... I'm hooked!!

As I've mentioned before, it's been decades since I last had knitting needles in my hands, but I was determined to give it a try.  I thought that by starting out with something small like a dishcloth would be the best way to go.

**Warning: This first picture may be disturbing to some viewers... especially if you are a skilled knitter.**                                           

Now that I've had more practice, my 1st attempt even makes me cringe!

There are thousands of dishcloth patterns out there, so I thought I would attempt a few different ones, to see which one I liked the best.  Jody's birthday was right around the corner, so I thought, why not make some to go along with her gift?  Thank goodness for Youtube videos. They really helped to refresh my memory with all kinds of tips and techniques.

I felt like my Nana was there right along beside me as I worked away on these; using the same needles she used for her many years of knitting.

When she opened her gift, Jody made the comment that she just threw away 3 dishcloths that had seen better days, so I was happy to give her some new ones to use.  (No, I didn't give her the one in the first picture!)

As I like to say... if you have to wash dishes by hand, why not have some pretty dishcloths to do the job?



Cole said...

Love them! Good for you for dusting off those needles & refreshing your skills!!

CanuckLulu said...

Way to go, Tracey. I love to knit and this past summer I made endless face cloths for my son's gf. She makes and sells her own soaps and skin emollients and the unbleached cotton cloths made for a nice little package with her home made items. I have to say that I used innumerable patterns but I have to try a couple of yours. I am just examining the purple/orange one and the dark green one to see if I can reproduce those patterns. Thanks for the inspiration! L xx

Chantelle said...

These look great, Mom! I love that you're using Nana's needles :) I bet she is right there and feeling so proud and happy that you're putting them back to work! <3

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