Saturday, January 8, 2011

Elvis, Elvis, Let Me Be...

... keep that pelvis far from me! (Don't you just LOVE the movie Grease?!) Believe you me, if I lived back when Elvis was in his prime, you would never have heard that phrase cross my lips!!

If you've been following our blog for a while now, you know that I'm a huge Elvis fan along with my Mom and my 26 year old daughter. The 3 of us took a trip to Memphis back in 2007, and we had the time of our lives.

Today we want to remember the King of Rock & Roll on which would have been his 76th birthday. I'd like to share some of the memorabilia Mom and I have collected over the years, some of which we brought back from our trip to Graceland.

The first is a metal 'perpetual' calendar that Mom and I both purchased at a great souvenir shop not too far from our hotel. Things were really reasonably priced here since it wasn't as close to Graceland as some of the other shops.

All 3 of us bought this black and white poster (I think for about $3.00) and got them framed when we came back home. Love the metal sign above it too!

My Mom got this picture (unframed) at the second last concert that Elvis gave (before he died) which took place in Detroit, Michigan. (Actually it was she and Jody's Mom who went together!) They told us they almost didn't buy the pictures because money was tight and the cost was pretty high. Looking back now, they are sure glad they did!

When my Mom retired a few years ago, she had a party with an Elvis theme. This lamp was one of the gifts she received. He even dances and swivels his hips! :^)

This mini guitar also sits in the bar area at my Mom's. We jokingly refer to this area as the 'Elvis Shrine.'

My brother bought my Mom both of these bottles of wine. One when we were on a trip to Arizona together, and the other when he was coming home from Florida. When we get together we (especially my brothers!) like to trick my Mom into thinking that we have opened a bottle when she has stepped of the room. She falls for it every time! LOL

Last but not least, is this cross stitch piece that I made for Mom a couple of years ago. I think it is such a cool picture!

Even though the King is no longer with us physically, he will live on forever in our hearts through his unforgettable music and through all of the fun treasures we've collected.

Thanks Elvis!!



Catherine said...

You've got some good stuff there! Thanks for sharing!

Kerry said...

Hi Tracey, as you know I am a huge fan as well. I love all your memorbalia, I thought my girlfriend had a lot but you may have her beat. I will take photos of hers and show you at the retreat. Have a great weekend.

Meadows08 said...

I love your mom's collection of memorabilia! The piece you stitched her is great and the trick your brothers play on her is cute :)

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