Friday, January 14, 2011

More Snow And More Of My Snowman

We've had more snow this week as you read in Bonnie's last post. Perfect weather to sit inside and stitch, so I've made some progress on my snowman. Here he is:

Even with all of this snow, it was beautiful and sunny today with little wind. Perfect weather to go outside and take Willow for a walk. Took my camera along.

As much as we complain about these winter months, I really think I would miss the sparkling beauty of this winter wonderland if I lived somewhere else.


1 comment:

Chantelle said...

Great pics Mom! I really love the one of Willow <3
I also love how the chairs look like they are holding hands, as well as the "t" you made in the snow!
We are just getting more and more snow here in Toronto as well. Might be time to get the Crazy Carpet out :)

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