Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Red Carpet...

.....or wooden staircase. Same thinnnnngggggggg.

As I arrived at Tracey and Paul's to dine before the Oscars (see previous post), this is how Tracey greeted me at the door. Jolly good fun.

Stunning in her shimmering emerald evening gown adorned with a satin sash, and complimented with a turquoise orb necklace (not to be confused with an ort) Tracey certainly makes the Best Dressed list. Topping the Worst Dressed list is Melissa Leo in her white lace gown with gold tinfoil underlay. Definitely not my cup of tea.

And many thanks to Tracey for not dropping the F-Bomb in front of millions of viewers/followers. Tinfoil appears to have the tendency to to make you ramble and curse. Tracey, I'm glad you chose to wear satin.

In reference to our previous post... tonight I will sleep royally. Colin won Best Actor, The King's Speech won Best Movie, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay ... and Bob's your Uncle.

Cheerio !


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

well as it all started, Quite Frankly Scarlet,,, no, Congrats on the Oscar Souire and that dress, well, what can I say. What a fun night and I totally agree with you on the foiled f-bomb. I do have to say my favorite dresses were Sandra Bullock and Celine Dion's.
Glad you all had a wonderful evening of fun, fashions, food and fabulous friends.
as always.

Chantelle said...

OMG! That is seriously awesome. Is that my prom dress, Mom? hehe! Love it. You look fab, and I think the wooden staircase is an excellent backdrop :)

I have to say that me and my girlfriends actually quite liked Melissa Leo's dress! It was interesting, but not ugly (ahem...Cate Blanchett...), in my humble opinion. However I tend to ramble and curse myself, and would most likely drop the F-bomb myself in that situation, so perhaps it's suitable that I liked her dress! :)

She wasn't in my top three favourite dresses though - that goes to Scarlett Johanssen, Marisa Tomei, and Mila Kunis.

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