Monday, February 28, 2011

I've tried soaking, I've tried scrubbing....

.... oh wait! That was the Ring Around the Collar....No, really. I HAVE tried soaking and scrubbing!!!! .... My shower that is.

A few years ago I remodeled my teeny-tiny bathroom and because of space limitations I had to have a custom built shower installed. I love it by the way... Thanks again Ryan! Oh, I remember how excited I was when I got to clean my shower for the first time because I knew I would no longer have to scrub endlessly. However, much to my dismay I can't say the same thing for the floor of the shower. I chose the marble shower and the base of the floor is textured to avoid slippage of course, but I cannot get it clean. I have tried everything.

I've used every type of cleaning solution you can purchase, I've used home remedies: lemon juice, baking soda, peroxide, vinegar, every kind of scrub brush imaginable to get in all the tiny crevices. I even bought one of those flat rubber plugs to plug the drain, filled the floor base with water, added bleach and left the bleach bottle on the plug to ensure it stayed in place. For 8 hours!!! It helped, but not much.

Nothing really addressed the problem. Until now! I purchased the Enjo cleaning system. For those of you who have never heard of this product, it is simply 'cleaning cloths' that you only use with water, no other cleaning solutions. Just water. I was skeptical for years despite all the rave reviews. But I was seriously getting tired of my weekly cardio workout in the bathroom. Well ok.... almost each week (guilty sulk).

Yesterday I participated in a "Vendor Day Fundraiser' and I kept staring over at the Enjo booth. Do I? Don't I? Do I? Don't I? So I moseyed on over to the booth to speak with Jamie and I finally decided to purchase this product after thinking about it for close to 2 years now. Remember, the 30 day rule. Wait 30 days before making impulse purchases. So I did the math and concluded that I have waited 24 times and I am justified in this purchase.

So Sunday morning when I got up I decided to try this Enjo cloth and prove everybody wrong and get my money back with my 30-day guarantee. Suffice it to say... I will not be returning this product EVER!

The main reason I wanted this product was for my tub, but the shower floor is my 'bonus'. When we remodeled, I had my cast iron claw foot tub refinished. However, with the new finish, you cannot use any harsh chemicals to clean it. The problem is, with the skin conditions in this family we tend to use a lot of product that has oils and that causes a lot build up. I wish I could impress upon you that my arms are in good shape from all that scrubbing, but I confess to say that when riding in my friends convertible last summer I commented on the noise of the flags flopping in the wind as we drove by our friends house. She promptly informed me that it wasn't flags, it was my arms making that noise as I was waving to them.

While I'm cleaning the shower I decided to only clean half, take a picture and post it to show the difference this cloth makes. The results are from a one-time clean. I am confident with regular use of this cloth I have finally found the answer to my cleaning problem!! to contact my Enjo rep, just click on Enjo anywhere in this posting.
And of course, for the followers who have read about my cat... yes she was right there to help as usual! Next week, I'll post the before and after pictures of the bathroom.

Finally, a solution to the 'stain look' floor.
I LOVE Enjo.

Sushi, of course, always there to help!
So they say animals take after their owners,
does that mean I'm always curious and nosy, or always there to help?


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

probably a good thing there is not a Y at the end of their name coz then NOBOD_ would purchase it (simply because of the name.) That would be like an oxymoron...
Glad you found something to help you with that shower and amazing how simple eh?
ENJOy your new toy...
as always

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

ps, I love your clock....

staci said...

That is too cool! Is it very expensive? Is it available here in the States???

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