Sunday, February 20, 2011

Time to Giggle!!

Enough is enough!  We've had two glorious days of mild weather and sunshine and NOW we have another Winter Storm Watch!!  Enuff already!!! 

I say it's time to Giggle.  Time to rid ourselves of the February blahhhhs.  Let's begin with a few stories that happened this week. 

My 5 year old great nephew Nicholas was with his papa one day and the conversation went like this: 
Pappa can I have a Popsicle?
Sorry Nicholas, we don't have any Popsicles.
Yahhhhh, they are in the freezer
No, we don't have any left. The Popsicles are all gone
No they aren't - they are in the freezer, go look papa. In the kitchen, go look
Nicholas, we don't have any Popsicles in the kitchen. 
Well then go look in the other freezer in the other room.  Come on papa, go look. Either you'll be right, or I'll be right.
This past week, one of my managers at work was extremely busy in a full week of training sessions and as he rushed past me one day he said: 
I sent you an email, can you investigate some flight costs for me?
Sure, but depending on the times you fly out makes a difference in cost - did you specify that in your email?
No; ummm how about depart on the 20th say.... noon and return at 6pm on the 22nd. 
Ok, that helps, I'll see what I can do.

As I read through the communications of the email I noticed that the actual meeting agenda would follow later, and knowing this could affect the cost of the flights - I only did a general overview of flight costs.

The next day, just before he went into a training session for the day he came to me.. and the conversation went like this: 
Hey Bonn, did you get a chance to look at flight costs?
Yes I did.
Oh good.  What am I looking at? 
They range anywhere from $500 to $1,500. 
Oh, which one was the cheapest?  
Aaahhhhh, The $500 one.....???

This past summer, my great nephews Zach (11) and Ben (9) were visiting.  They overheard a discussion I was having with my niece regarding my lottery list.  She said, "What's a lottery list?"   I said, "Oh, it's my list of names of family and friends, and when I win my millions, the first person who says 'OH Good, you can buy me this, or You can get me this'  XX - their name is promptly OFF the list."   Of course we laughed about 'the list', and she said, .... that's actually a pretty good idea. 

The next day as they were about to leave, and knowing that boys this age would not want to do the kiss and hug goodbye thing... I said "Who's giving Aunt Bonn a kiss goodbye?"  Zach was coming down the stairs, turned up his nose and  hmmphfftt'd "I'm not". 

Meanwhile, Benjamin promptly pushes by him and says "Well I am - Cause I'M staying ON that list!!!" 


Below are a few youtube links that are sure to make you giggle. 

Funny Talking Animals - BBC Walk on the Wildside #1 
Funny Talking Animals - BBC Walk on the Wildside #2
Funny Talking Animals - BBC Walk on the Wildside #3 

Hope you enjoyed the giggles.

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