Friday, July 29, 2011

Daylilies (and some other favourites thrown in)

Gotta love daylilies... no matter what kind of weather- cool, rainy, dry hot, humid, sunny- they keep going strong and always "put on a show". That's why they are one of my all time favourite perennials.

I have to admit though- now that I have so many different types, I am finding it hard to keep track of all of their names.  A few years back, I know I made a list  and put it somewhere...

Here are some pictures I took about a week ago while I was out enjoying my gardens when we had a break from that awful humidity.

I will try to add the names where possible.  Any other daylily lovers out there, feel free to help me out if you see any that you recognize.

Christmas Carol (wish my camera would show the true red colour of this one!)

Hot Chocolate (one of my favourites!)

Pardon Me

Siloam Tee Tiny (I think)


Crimson Pirate (got this one when the Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out- LOVE Johnny Depp!)


An unknown purple variety that was a gift from Bonnie in 2010 (another favourite!)

Bama Music

Sammy Russell


I once read a tip that when your daylilies are done blooming and the leaves are starting to look ratty, just cut the leaves right back to the ground and you will get a nice, new fresh bunch of leaves come up (unfortunately no new flowers though).

Here are some other flowers I'm really liking right now...

What a pretty colour combo- the yellow rose in front of the purple clematis.

Smaller variety of pink hydrangea

I've never had much luck in the past with the tall varieties of  delphinium even though I love them.  Just bought this shorter type that gets only 2 feet tall.  We'll see how I make out with it...

Guardian Blue
How are your gardens doing this year?



Catherine said...

Beautiful flowers! Our gardens our extremely dry (although weed filled) due to the lack of rain.

Bonnie said...

Gorgeous!! I like the Hot Chocolate, the Pink ???, the Pony, the unknown by Bonnie and the Bama Music the best. This has inspired me to include more day lilies for colour and mostly convenience. The delphinium is beautiful - although that is one I have never had luck with :-(

Nice job Tracey.

Kerry said...

Nice gardens, I have a cousin in Quebec that raises day lilies and sells them. She has some beauties

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