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Heirloom Scrapbook Volume 5

On to the rest of the siblings….

Next is Kathy.  I think Kathy looks most like mom when they were the same age growing up.  People who know us can’t get over how much we all look alike, and yet… I don’t always see it. I always thought I looked more like my sister Kathy and now I look more like my sister Chris.  And yet, when I was in my early 20’s, I was walking across the street one day and I ran into an my mom’s maid of honour.  She stopped me right there in the street and she said, ‘my goodness, I looked across the street and I saw your mother when we were teenagers – I can’t get over how much you look like your mother at that age’. 

After my first posting, Tracey had commented on my great grandmother’s picture and she said she could see the family resemblance and she could see each of my sisters in my great grandmother.  I have to go back and study that picture again… because I never really noticed it before.

The bottom left picture is of Debbie and Kathy.  Kathy is the floozy toward the back with no shirt on under her CooLots.   Well I guess if you look closely, Debbie is shirtless too, but she’s younger and she can get away with it.  

On this next page, the middle picture of Kathy is friggin’ hilarious.  I LOVE IT.  When I saw this picture, I copied it and made a handmade birthday card for Kathy with the caption, ‘After noticing the length of her sleeves, Kathy came to the conclusion that just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean you have to buy it’.

God I love old pictures !! 

Now on to Debbie.  By the way… each sibling page pretty much ends with an ‘e’ sound after everyone’s name because Clora always ended everyone’s name with an ‘e’ sound whether it had it or not.

I love the middle picture of Debbie.  I love the shape of her mouth, she just reminds me of a Gerber Baby. She could have been a baby model.  The picture to the right has Debbie with Uncle Art;  she was his ‘little girl’.  Uncle Art was married to Aunt Peg.  His name was also Hughes, so - luckily for Peggy - she never had to change the monograms on her luggage. Peggy and Art were only married for a few weeks when Art was called off to war.  He returned injured, was limited in his work due to his injuries,  then he as afflicted with  MS and he ended up in a veterans’ hospital for the last 16 years of his life.  He was a very big and tall, but gentle man.  There are no other pictures of kids with Uncle Art; only Debbie. 

Next we have my sister Chris.  There’s Ricky Ricardo again, balancing Chrissy in the air.  I can’t get over how much her features changed in each of these pictures.  When I was first collecting all the photos, I kept asking mom, are you sure this is Chris.   Sure enough, her name and year was written on the back of all the photos, but still… I can’t get over the change in appearance.  The dark hair to blonde, but the curls were consistent.     Don’t you love the Baby Doll.  They just don’t’ make dolls like that anymore and look how BIG it is.   I love the face on that doll.  I’m sure Chris wishes she still had that doll.  I know I would.  To the right… a very happy Chrissy.  Perhaps it’s because she thinks she will one day be driving that really cool car behind her….

I remember grampa’s car.  I don’t remember the make or model, but I remember sitting in the front seat with gramma and on the passenger side  on the dashboard there was a very very large round emblem.  And there was some sort of peddle on the passenger side, I don’t know if it was an extra emergency brake??  But anyway…I sure thought I was pretty cool driving grampa’s car, pretending I could reach that peddle and use that large round emblem as my steering wheel.  Such silly things I remember. 

This next page is of my brother Jack.  His name is Michael John and when he was born, Pat was bound and determined his name should be Jack.  And even though it wasn’t, she called him that anyway, ...all the time ...and that’s the name he ended up with.  Later on, he acquired the nickname Arby.  I don’t think I know anyone else with so many names.

Jacks’ boy Tyler… another twin.  I’ve got to get working on that twin page.  The bottom left picture is Kathy, Jack, Chris and Deb – sitting on the back step at gramma Hughes house.  Top left picture… I’m not sure if that bow tie is supposed to match the shirt???

Love the trike picture… the look on his face is almost like….’what do you mean stop for a picture…I don’t have time for this’.

The bottom right picture is Jack and I on a barrel we used to play on in the back yard.  Oh my god, the hours and hours we used to ‘run’ on that barrel from one end of the yard to the other.  Seriously – kids just don’t know how to have fun anymore.  These days, if anyone did this in their backyard, they would have to be fitted with a helmet, and knee & elbow pads I suppose; not to mention the liability issues or worry of someone calling CAS for letting your kids play on dangerous, rusty, and possibly toxic containers.

In hindsight… it really wasn’t so bad growing up with little money.  We were happy, healthy, clothed and fed and we had fun.  What else matters?

Now for the baby of the family – Me.  Again, not very many baby pictures and I appear to be the only one with a hospital baby photo. Don’t you just love the beaded necklace?  That same necklace is what I am wearing in the photo and in 1963, that was your baby's hospital identification.  Everyone teases me and says I look like a little Eskimo baby in that picture.  I wasn’t sure how everyone was going to get a piece of my necklace because I couldn’t bare to take it apart for their albums, so I tried scanning it – and it worked.  So everyone else has a photo of the necklace in their albums and I have the original necklace.  Gully Gully Gully is what I used to walk around saying all the time.  Of course I don’t remember, but none of my brothers or sisters every let me forget it.  

Stay tuned for volume 6 - more family memories...

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I'm so enjoying these Bonnie... love the pic with Kathy, Jack, Chris and Deb!

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